Notifying us of changes to a
VAT registered business
You may use this form to tell us of any changes to your
VAT registered business.
If you have ceased trading or transferred the business
to a new owner, complete form VAT7 Application to cancel
your VAT Registration.
If you have changed your legal entity, for example, from sole
trader to limited company but would like to retain the same
VAT Registration Number complete forms VAT1 and VAT68.
If you are registering a change in Partner(s), complete form
VAT2 Partnership details.
These forms are available from our website, go to GOV.UK
and search for the form name.
VAT Registration Number
Your full name
Your position within the company
For example, Proprietor, Partner, Director
What do you want to tell us about?
Tick all boxes that apply
Changes to business contact details complete section 1 Change VAT Return dates complete section 3
Change bank details complete section 2 Transfer of the business complete section 4
1 Changes to business contact details
For Par tnership/Sole traders only
New name(s)
If you are changing your own name provide a copy of your
marriage, divorce or deed poll certificate
For Incorporated companies only
New company name
Provide the Certificate of Incorporation for change of
name from Companies House
New trading name
If you have changed the address of the principal place of
business, what is the new address?
We do not accept an accountant’s address, directors
home address, PO Box address or c/o address
Contact numbers
Business email and website addresses
2 Change bank details
The bank account must be in the name of the registered
person or company and must be held in the UK.
These bank details are used by HMRC to make any
repayments of VAT to your business. If you pay your VAT
by Direct Debit, we record those bank account details
separately. Update these details at your bank or download
a DD Mandate VATC9 available at GOV.UK. Please allow
5 working days before setting up a new direct debit
instruction on the HMRC online system.
Account name
Sort code
Account number
VAT484 Page 1 HMRC 07/17
VAT Registration Number
3 Change VAT Returns dates
I wish my VAT returns to end on the last days of:
March, June, September and December
April, July, October and Januar y
May, August , November and Februar y
I wish to apply for monthly returns
Note: Monthly returns are only allowed if a business
is in a regular repayment position
The new owner is
An individual A company
Date of transfer DD MM YYYY
Does the new owner wish to apply to keep the existing
VAT Registration Number?
No Yes
If Yes’ you will both need to complete form VAT68
4 Transfer of the business
If you have transferred your business to a new owner, give the details of the new owner
Any other changes
It is important that the changes are authorised by the appropriate person. The details can only be amended with the written
authority of the registered person.
Acceptable signatories are as follows:
Incorporated Company a Director or Company Secretary
Limited Liability Partnership a member of the LLP
Partnership any one of the listed Partners
Sole Proprietor him or herself
Non-Profit Making Body Chairperson, Treasurer, Trustee or Secretary
Local Authority Town Clerk, Head of Finance or Treasurer
Other signatories such as accountants, solicitors will only be accepted after an original form 64-8 Authorising your agent
has been completed. This form is available from our website.
Full name
Capacity in which signed
For example, Proprietor, Partner, Director
I declare that the information I have given on this form is true and complete
Return the completed form to: Grimsby National Registration Service, HM Revenue and Customs, Imperial House,
77 Victoria Street, Grimsby DN31 1DB.
Page 2
dd mmm yyyy
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