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Rev. 03/09/2018
Borough of Bellefonte
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Owner’s Address:
Address of Property:
Zoning District:
*A zoning permit shall be required prior to the erection, extension, or alteration of any structure or portion thereof, and prior to the use or
change in use of a structure or land. No zoning permit shall be required for normal maintenance activities or minor repairs that do not
constitute an erection, extension, or alteration as defined by the Zoning Ordinance. Nor shall a zoning permit be required for a change
from one permitted use to another, when such new use must meet the same zoning requirements as the old use. No permit shall be
granted by the Zoning Officer for any purpose except in compliance with the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance or, upon appeal, in
compliance with the decision of the Zoning Hearing Board or the courts.
Application for a Zoning Permit for the following:
The erection, addition, or structural alteration of a building.
The use or change in use of a building.
The use or change in use of land.
Description of activity:
Required Documents:
Required: Property site plan showing existing structures and proposed project with
distance from lot lines
Suggested: Construction drawings or plans, as applicable
I hereby make application for a Zoning Permit under the provisions of the Borough Zoning Ordinance. In this application and in signing
the same, I state that I am conversant with the Ordinance governing work to be performed under this application and that the work will
be performed in accordance herewith. I also certify that the owner of the subject premises has been fully informed of the activities
proposed herein and that said owner is in full agreement with this proposal. To the best of my knowledge, the above facts are true and
understand that in the event of falsification, I can be subject to a fine or other legal sanction.
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