A Special Events Permit Application can now be completed online by visiting the City of
Bakersfield’s website at www.bakersfieldcity.us and clicking on the “Special Events Permit
Application” link under the “Departments/Treasury” tab.
A Special Events Permit Application can also be printed online or obtained at:
City of Bakersfield Treasury Division
1600 Truxtun Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301
For more information contact the City Liaison at (661) 326-3757 or email
specialevents@bakersfieldcity.us. On behalf of the City of Bakersfield, we thank you for contributing
to the vitality of our community and offer you best wishes for a successful event!
Completed Special Events Permit Applications must be received no later than thirty (30) days
prior to the event start date and may be submitted as early as one year prior to the event start
date. In general, and as referenced in Bakersfield Municipal Code 10.69.010, a Special Event is
any commercial or business promotion or athletic event upon any public street, public sidewalk,
public alley or other public place which does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulation
or controls.
It is our goal to assist event organizers in planning safe and successful events that create
minimal impact on the communities and residents surrounding the events.
If you plan to hold your event at a City park or facility please contact Recreation & Parks to
schedule your event, at (661) 326-3866 (FUNN). Rules, regulations and restrictions unique to
each park/facility may apply.
If you are holding a parade, you may obtain an application from the Bakersfield Police
Department. Bakersfield Municipal Code (B.M.C.) 10.76.020 states, It is unlawful for any
person to conduct a parade in or upon any public street, public sidewalk, public alley or other
public place in violation of this chapter, or without having first procured and maintained a valid
permit from the traffic authority. (Ord. 3866 § 1, 1998) Please call 661-326-3960 at the
Bakersfield Police Department to obtain a parade application and more information.
The Permit Application Process begins when the Event Organizer submits a completed Special
Events Permit Application and Non-Refundable Permit Fee. During the initial application
screening process you will be allowed time to provide all pending documents (e.g. Liability
Insurance Certificate, secondary permits, etc.). Prior to any Special Events Permit being
approved and issued, the City must receive all required documents referenced in this packet.
Upon receipt of your completed Permit Application, a representative from the City will contact
you. Thereafter, this person will serve as your City Liaison and will be your primary point of
contact for the processing of your permit. You may be contacted individually by City
Departments if they have specific questions or concerns about your event. Please be aware
that in some cases you may need to contact federal, state, or county agencies in addition to the
City of Bakersfield.
In some cases throughout the Permit Application Process you will be notified if your event
requires any additional information, permits, licenses or certificates. Delays in providing the
requested items often delay the ability to approve a Special Events Permit in a timely manner
and may result in denial of the application.
Keep in mind that acceptance of your Special Events Permit Application should in no
way be construed as final approval from the City of Bakersfield.
The Fee is established by resolution of the City Council and may not be waived.
Should the Event Organizer, for any reason, need to cancel their event they must first notify the
City Liaison. Written notice of cancellation must be received by our office no later than thirty (30)
days prior to the event start date. Cancellations must be in written form; verbal cancellations will
not be accepted.
Any special event permit application that has been received or approved by the City should
include all information that accurately depicts the proposed event at the time the application is
submitted. Should circumstances arise that modify the event as depicted in the original
application, the event organizer should immediately contact the City Liaison and request a
modification to the application. A modification request may require additional review by City
Departments and could result in additional requirements and costs. Approved permits for
special events that have been subsequently modified without the review and consent of the City
are subject to revocation.
Any permit issued pursuant to B.M.C. 10.69 shall be immediately revoked by the City Manager
or his designee whenever he finds:
That misrepresentations were made on the application; or
That any of the terms or conditions of said permit have been violated, or that the
business has been operated in violation of local, state or federal law;
That the safety of persons or property requires such revocation;
That the special event is interfering with the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. (Ord.
3807 § 1, 1997)
Please review the Special Event Permit Application Packet in its entirety. If you have additional
questions please contact (661) 326-3757 or email specialevents@bakersfieldcity.us.
City of Bakersfield
Special Event Application
Application Number: _____________
General Event Information
Event Name:
Event Dates:
Event Daily Operating Hours:
Event Set up Date:
Event Setup Time:
Event Move out Date:
Event Move out Time:
Event Location:
Event Website:
Event Contact Information (Please provide a street address for each contact)
Event Organizer
Zip Code:
Office Phone:
Cell Phone:
Event Co-Organizer or Professional Event Planner
Zip Code:
Office Phone:
Cell Phone:
Event Representation for Public Information/Media contact
Primary Phone:
Secondary Phone:
Event Website
Prior Special Events Permits
Has the Organization had any prior permits issued by the City?
If yes, were any prior permits revoked? (if so please describe why in the box below)
Event Organizer Tax Status
For Profit Organizer
Non-Profit Organizer with EIR Number, (Please attach IRS forms)
Zip Code:
Event Description
Please use the space provided below to provide a detailed description of the purpose and activities included in your
event. You may attach additional pages to this document if needed.
General Description of Event, Programs, or Activities (Check All Boxes That Apply)
Athletic/ Recreational
Festival/ Celebration
Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Black Powder
Art Exhibit/ Display
Farmer/ Craft market
Concert/ Performance
Information/ Exhibits
Outdoor Market
Alcohol Service and/or Sampling
Theatre Performance
Fun Run/ Walk/Ride
Tent > 20x 20
Event Attendance Information
Total Attendance per Day:
Total Participants @ Event:
Total Staff/Volunteers @ Event:
Event Admissions Information
Will fees for admission, entry, vendor or visitor participation be required?
If no, please check the box that best describes your plan:
Free & Open to the Public
Private Event, Invitation
Event Route Information
Is this event a Run, Walk, Bike Tour, etc.?
If your event is a walk, fun run, bike ride, or other activity with a specific route or competition area, you must provide a
map of your route and describe the route. The plan should include information on where you will start and finish the
event, staging areas, competition areas, loading zones, step off location, disbanding areas, etc. You must attach your
Traffic Plan to this document. Make sure when developing your Traffic Control Plan that you follow the most recent
Manual on Uniform and Traffic Control Devices.
Event Site Plan Information
The Event Organizer shall provide a detailed drawing of the site plan. The site plan shows the placement of temporary
structures and equipment on public property and/or rights of way. The following information is required on your site plan.
All Event Site Plans must be submitted using 8 ½” x 11” or 8 ½” x 14white paper. If using Computer Assisted
Generation (CAG) for the Event Site Plan, please ensure the use of Arial Fonts no smaller than size 10.
Please show:
The perimeter of the entire venue, include the names of all adjacent streets or areas that are part of the venue;
show all street closures and or/ lane closures associated with the site plan;
The location of the fences, barricades and barriers,
The access and egress points for the venue,
The access and egress points for the tents and structures within the venue,
The 20 foot wide fire lane (emergency access) throughout the venue,
The locations of all stages, platforms, bleachers, grandstands, canopies, tents, portable toilets, trash containers,
or any other temporary structure,
The dimensions or size of the equipment and structures within the site plan,
The cooking areas to be used for the vent, show the locations of food trucks or carts,
The location of all alcohol points of sale (beer gardens or free flow plan, points of sale, etc.),
The location of First Aid and Emergency Service Coordination Staff,
The location of power sources of generators, show the distribution of power within the venue, generators must
be cordoned off within the venue
The locations of carnival rides, games, live animals, inflatables, or similar equipment
The location of any/all fuel stations, show the location of propane tanks, natural gas lines, black powder storage,
and pyrotechnics locations,
The locations of parking for public, vendors, and VIP’s, show where trailers or large trucks will be stored,
Please attach your Event Site Plan to this document
Event Parking Information
Total Guest Parking
Total Vendor/VIP Parking
Guest Parking Locations:
Parking Locations:
Event Traffic Management Information
It may be necessary for the Event Organizer to obtain a Professional Traffic Plan. Please keep in mind that streets must
be closed from intersection to intersection.
You must attach a copy of your Traffic Management Plan to this document. Make sure when developing your Traffic
Control Plan that you follow the most recent Manual on Uniform and Traffic Control Devices.
Event Site Services Information (Custodial Services, Comfort Stations, Waste & Recycling Management, Street
Sweeping, etc…)
The Event Organizer must maintain a safe, clean and accessible environment for the event attendees. Describe you r
plan to provide custodial services, comfort stations, refuse collections and removal, recycling services, etc
Event First Aid, Medical Services and Emergency Management Plans
The organizer is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of guests at their event. Please describe the plan to provide
First Aid, Medical Services and Emergency Management should they be needed. Include staffing levels and staff
assignments. Please use the space below to describe how you will provide these services. You may attach an
additional document if necessary.
Crowd Management and Venue Security ( Venue Access, Event Staff, Security Staff, etc…)
Please provide a detailed plan for venue and security management with the application.
Alcohol Control and Management Plans
No, no alcoholic beverages will be sold, sampled or consumed at this event
Yes, alcoholic beverages will be sold, sampled or consumed at this event
Reminder, your Special Event may be subject to alcoholic beverage permitting. Please contact the local office of the
California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at (661) 395-2731.
Concessions Management Plans
The organizer has the ability to provide food, services and merchandise to attendees at their event. The event organizer
is responsible to ensure the vendors obtain the appropriate equipment, personnel and permits required to complete this
Food Concessions
Will the event organizer provide food and beverage concessions as part of the program?
Yes, only to the participants in this event
Yes, to the general public. (You must obtain a Community Event Permit from Kern County Environmental Health and
provide a list of the approved vendors.)
No food or beverages will be sold or provided at this event
Live Animal Plans
Will the event organizer require live animals to be included in this programmed activity?
Yes, please describe _____________________________________________________________________________.
Insurance Requirements and Waiver of Liability for Event Participants
See the attached City of Bakersfield Insurance Requirements.
If this Event requires participants to complete a waiver of liability form, a copy of that form must be submitted to the City
of Bakersfield and include the City of Bakersfield, its elected and appointed officials, officers, agents, volunteers, and
employees released from all liability in the waiver of liability form. This form must be approved by Risk Management and
the City Attorney’s Office.
Statement of Affidavit
I certify that the information contained in the foregoing application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and
belief; that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations governing the proposed Special
Event under City of Bakersfield Municipal Code, and I understand that this application is made subject to the rules and
regulations established by the City Council, and/or City Manager or the City Manager’s designee. Applicant agrees to
comply with all other requirements of the City, County, State, Federal Government, and any other applicable entity which
may pertain to the use of the Event venue and the conduct of the Event. I agree to abide by these rules, and further
certify that I, on behalf of the Host Organization, am also authorized to commit that organization, and therefore agree to
be financially responsible for any costs and fees that may be incurred by or on behalf of the Event to the City of
I understand that I must comply with the event application requirements provided by the City of Bakersfield
Event Organizer Signature:
Event Co-Organizer Signature:
Required Documents
Traffic Plan
Event Site Plan
Waiver of Liability Form for Event Participants
Insurance Documents
Indemnification Agreement
Special Event Application Agreement
It may be necessary for the Event Organizer to obtain a Professional Traffic Plan.
Please keep in mind that streets must be closed from intersection to intersection; streets
cannot be closed mid-block.
Please list the streets, from intersection to intersection, which will be closed for your event.
Space is provided for up to three (3) entries. If you need more space please attach an
additional sheet of paper with the requested information. Your Site Plan/Map must show all
streets and closures.
1. Street Name: ____________________________________
From (cross street): _______________________________
To (cross street): _________________________________
Type of Closure: ___Street Closure ___Sidewalk Closure
2. Street Name: ____________________________________
From (cross street): _______________________________
To (cross street): _________________________________
Type of Closure: ___Street Closure ___Sidewalk Closure
3. Street Name: ____________________________________
From (cross street): _______________________________
To (cross street): _________________________________
Type of Closure: ___Street Closure ___Sidewalk Closure
Host Organization and/or Event Organizer agree, in consideration of the granting of this
Application and Special Event Permit for:
_________________________ _________________________
Event Name to be held on, Event Date(s)
By _______________________________ of _________________________
Event Organizer/Primary Applicant Host Organization
Host Organization and/or Event Organizer(s) agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless
the City of Bakersfield, and the City of Bakersfield’s employees, officers, managers, agents,
council members, and volunteers harmless from any and all losses, damages, claims for
damage, liability, lawsuits, judgment expense and cost(s) arising from any injury or death to
any person or damage to any property including all reasonable costs for investigation and
defense thereof (including, but not limited to, attorney fees, costs and expert fees) arising
out of or attributed to the issuance of Applicant’s Special Event Permit regardless of where
the injury, death or damage may occur, unless such injury, death or damage is caused by
the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the City.
Host Organization and/or Event Organizer agree to provide satisfactory evidence of, and
shall thereafter maintain during the specified special event, such insurance policies and
coverage in the type, limits, forms and ratings required by the City’s Risk Manager or City
Attorney or their designee.
______________________________ ______________________________
Print Name Title
______________________________ _______________________________
Signature Date
Please read each statement. Initialing next to each statement indicates your understanding
and agreement to the statement.
_____ I agree that any false statement or material misrepresentation made in support of this
application and permit is cause for denial of issuance of a Special Event Permit. Applicant
also agrees that failure to adhere to the policies and procedures established by the City of
Bakersfield Municipal Code 10.69, known as the “Special Events”, or any conditions or
restrictions imposed upon the permit by the Bakersfield Police Department is cause for
revocation of the Special Event Permit. Applicant further agrees that the Special Event
Permit may be revoked at any time by the City Manager or his designee.
_____ I agree, upon request, to provide a Liability Insurance Certificate providing evidence
of general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 combined
single limit AND an additional insured endorsement naming the City of Bakersfield, its
officers, employees and agents’ as additional insured. This document must be submitted no
later than ten (10) days prior to the event start date.
_____ I agree to notify all residents and businesses that will be affected by street/sidewalk
closures and/or amplified sound. The applicant shall notify all business owners located
adjacent to any right-of-way which will be closed for the event. Proof of written notice shall
be submitted to the city manager or his designee. (B.M.C. 10.69.030 C.) If the event will
affect access to more than one business, the applicant must notify the Greater Bakersfield
Chambers of Commerce. Notification also includes the posting of Temporary “No Parking”
Signs on streets involved in closures for the event.
_____ I agree to supply warning signs and/or barricades and to situate them in such a
position that the road closure may be maintained in a safe and orderly manner.
By signing below, I indicate as the Event Organizer or Host Organization an understanding
and agreement to the above statements.
_________________________________ ______________________________
Print Name Title
_________________________________ ______________________________
Signature Date
To the Special Event Applicant:
For the duration of your permit, you must maintain the following insurance from a company admitted to
write insurance in the State of California and rated A-:VII by A.M. Best Company (or equivalent). The
insurance must be primary and non-contributory, contain at least a 30 day written notice of policy
cancellation or if there are any material changes in the policy language or terms. Some events may
require higher limits of coverage based on the discretion of the Risk Manager.
1. Commercial general liability in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per
occurrence. If food is sold, products liability coverage in an amount not less than One Million Dollars
($1,000,000) must be included. If alcoholic beverages are sold or served, liquor liability coverage in
an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) must be included. If participants, film
extras, and/or spectators are involved, the certificate of insurance must specify that the commercial
general liability covers participants, film extras, and/or spectators as applicable. An additional insured
endorsement is required and must include coverage for the City, its mayor, council, officers,
employees, volunteers, and agents under your commercial general liability policy.
2. Workers’ compensation as required by the California Labor Code, if the permit holder uses its own
employees in conducting the planned event or activity. Waiver of subrogation endorsement in
required in favor of the City. If you are not required under the State of California Labor Code to
maintain workers’ compensation insurance, you must complete the Workers’ Compensation
Exemption Declaration following this section.
3. Automobile Liability in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit
covering owned, non-owned and hired autos, if automobiles are used in the move-in, setup, break-
down, or operation of the event/activity. If you are using only non-owned or hired autos, a non-owned
auto endorsement to your general liability policy is acceptable.
You must provide the insurance to this office at least ten (10) working days prior to your event/activity:
Certificate of Insurance issued by your insurance broker-agent evidencing the insurance coverage
applicable to your event/activity, the insurance must be primary and non-contributory with the
cancellation provision on the certificate amended to read as follows: Should any of the above
described policies be cancelled before the expiration dates or if there are any material changes in the
policy language or terms, the issuing company will mail thirty (30) days prior written notice to the
certificate holder. In the case of cancellation for non-payment of premium, the issuing company will
mail ten (10) days prior written notice to the certificate holder.”
Any written statements by you and/or your insurance broker-agent explaining the reasons why any of
the above coverage is limited or why any of the applicable requirements have not been satisfied.
All certificates and endorsements must be submitted to:
City of Bakersfield Treasury Division
1600 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93301
For your convenience, we have a facsimile machine within this department. The facsimile access
telephone number is (661) 852-2041.
If you or your insurance broker-agent have any questions regarding these insurance requirements, please
do not hesitate to contact Risk Management at (661) 326-3738.
Workers’ Compensation Coverage
Exemption Declaration
The undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “I” or “Me”) hereby declares that the following
is true and correct:
I am an individual or a company that has entered, or will be entering, into an agreement
with the City of Bakersfield to provide goods or services.
I am familiar with the terms of said agreement which require Me to maintain workers’
compensation coverage as required by California Law.
I am familiar with the workers’ compensation laws of California (generally contained in
section 3700 of the Labor Code), including those provisions which provide for specific
exemptions from the requirement that all employers must carry workers’ compensation
insurance, and I am exempted under the law from the requirement to maintain workers’
compensation insurance coverage.
In addition, during the term of any work for the City of Bakersfield under said agreement,
(i) I will not employ any person in any manner so as to become subject to the workers’
compensation laws of California, or (ii) should I become subject to the worker’s
compensation provision of Section 3700 of the Labor Code for any reason, I shall forthwith
comply with those provisions and send evidence of compliance to the City of Bakersfield.
Date: ___________________
Name: __________________________________ Name: ___________________________________
(Print or type) (Signature)
Company Name (if any): ___________________________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________ Telephone: ________________________________
Risk Management 09/19
Warning: In California, failure to secure workers’ compensation coverage is unlawful and shall subject an employer to
criminal penalties and civil fines up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). In addition to the cost of compensation,
damages may be assessed as provided for in Section 3706 of the Labor Code, including, but not necessarily limited to, interest
and attorney’s fees.
The Applicant listed below has requested a temporary street/sidewalk closure. The City of Bakersfield requires
the applicant to notify all residents and businesses that will be affected by the street/sidewalk closures.
This document shall serve as the proof of notice of the proposed stree/sidewalk closure.
A temporary street/sidewalk closure has been requested for the following date(s)/time(s) for the streets listed.
Closure Start Date: Closure Start Time: AM/PM
(Day of Week) (Date)
Closure End Date: Closure End Time: AM/PM
(Day of Week) (Date)
Street Name(s):
The purpose of the proposed street/sidewalk closure is (Event Description):
Applicant / Host Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Mailing Address:
(Street Address) (City, State, Zip code)
By siging below, the undersigned acknowledges receipt of the above Notice of Temporary Street/Sidewalk Closure.
Print Name Business Name Address
Signature Title Phone Number
City of Bakersfield
Good Neighbor Policy - Notice of Temporary Street / Sidewalk Closure