W-3 (06/20)
Web Representative Form
Name of Web Representative:
Email of representative:
Phone numbers of representative (best possible numbers):
Page or Pages of Responsibility:
I understand that by signing this form I take responsibility for the content related to
the website or websites listed above. I understand that it is my responsibility to
maintain the pages in cooperation with the Senior Director of Public Affairs and
Information Technology Services and to follow the guidelines set forth in the Web
Management Policy. I understand that before I am given access to edit the website,
I am required to complete training with the Web Manager.
Signature of Web Representative Date
signing this form I approve the above listed person as the Web Representative
for the pages listed above which fall under my area of responsibility.
Signature of Dean or Supervisor Date
Signature of Vice President
Please return the original signed document to the Office of Public Affairs, Admin. Room 150