P18 1/20
Visual/Audio Release and Consent Form
I do hereby authorize Cameron University, including those individuals assigned to represent it, to
use my image in recorded content appearing in its various social media sites. I understand that
use of these visual and/or audio recordings may not be limited to solely social media, and may be
used by Cameron University for other news and public relations purposes.
I understand that this content shall be and remain the property of Cameron University. It may be
used with or without my name. Neither copy nor edited photographs/videos/audio recordings
will be submitted to me for inspection or approval prior to publication. I agree that I am donating
this material and that I will not be compensated.
I agree that there is no cost to me for having this content submitted for possible use. I agree that
there will be no cost to me for publication of this content if, in fact, it is used.
I also agree that I will not be compensated for my image or voice, whether published/broadcast
or not.
I also agree to hold harmless Cameron University and its assigned representatives. I hereby state
that I have not given any person or firm the exclusive right to use of my name, image or any
other information. There is no other agreement between us.
(Printed full legal name)
_______________________________________________________________ (Legal signature)
Dated this day of , 20 .