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Application for Fence Permit
Address of installation site: __________________________________________________________________________
Owner’s name ___________________________________________________Phone ___________________________
Owner’s address __________________________________________________________________________________
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Section 1 – General Information
Section 2 – Description of Project
Permit No. Date Issued
Building Department Hours
9am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday
Instructions for Fence Permit
In 2017, the Village of Newburgh Heights updated its ordinances regarding erecting fences. The following is a list of items
to keep in mind when apply for a Fence Permit in addition to a few of the major changes to the ordinance. However, it is
recommended before applying for a Fence Permit that Chapter 1339, Fences, be reviewed in its entirety.
Complete the attached application and Site Plan (pg. 2). Incomplete applications for a Fence Permit
will not be accepted,
No fence or wall shall be erected or constructed within the Village higher than six (6) feet above the finished grade,
Fences (or walls) in front yards are prohibited with the exception of a decorative fence or wall parallel to the front of
the building. A decorative fence may not be higher than three (3) feet,
Any fence or wall erected within ten (10) feet of a property line is required to have the smooth or finished surface
facing the property line, and posts must be placed on the inside of the fence,
No fence shall be erected which may cause danger to traffic on a street or public road by obscuring the view,
All fences must be properly erected, supported, braced and maintained. The Village inspector must inspect the post-
holes before the work begins on construction of the fence.
The Building Commissioner may permit exceptions to the fence and wall restrictions set forth in this chapter where it finds
such exceptions to be necessary for the protection of the public peace, health or safety, and that such exceptions will not
adversely affect the use, enjoyment or value of neighboring property. The Building Commissioner before granting any such
permission shall secure the written consent of the owners of neighboring or abutting property and may give written notice of
a hearing on an application for such permission to the owners of neighboring or abutting property.
Where exceptions to the fence and wall restrictions of this chapter are permitted, the Building Commissioner may require
screen planting or landscaping as a condition for such permission. (Ord. 1987-17. Passed 5-5-87.)
1. Style & material of fence?
2. Does finished side of fence face adjoining neighbor?
Yes No
3. Is the fence in a side yard? Yes No
4. Is the fence in the rear of the yard only? Yes No
5. What is the height of the fence?
6. Does the fence have at least one gate or opening, minimum
of 36 inches in width, to permit emergency access to the
rear of the property? Yes No
7. Is the property a corner lot? Yes No
8. Is the fence a decorative fence in the front yard?
Yes No
9. Estimated job cost:
Please complete page 2
Applicant’s signature Print name Date
Contractor is required to schedule a rough-in inspection before any concealment.
REQUIREMENTS OF THE OHIO BASIC BUILDING CODE. By signing the application, the applicant certifies that the installation will comply
with the regulations of the Newburgh Heights Building Code and State Codes.
TO THE BUILDING COMMISSIONER: This application is submitted for a permit to erect, add to, alter or repair a structure as described
in this application and any drawings which accompany it. The acceptance of the permit shall be considered an agreement on the part of the
applicant or his agents to comply with the Building and Zoning codes of the City of Newburgh Heights, or other orders, requirements or
specifications slated in the permit.
In signing this application, the contractor or owner’s agent certifies that the work is authorized by the owner or record.
Applicant is Owner Contractor Owner’s agent
Section 4 – Approval and Fees
Building Official __________________________________Date _____________________________________________
Amount ________________________________________Cash/Check # _____________________________________
Section 3 –Site Plan
1. Draw property lines & indicate lot size.
2. If lot is shaped differently than drawing, please draw lot
3. Show location of existing buildings.
4. Show location of existing fencing.
5. Show location of proposed fence (include height, length,
materials, distance from property lines).
6. Show location of easement, if any, and attach plot plan
if available.
7. Engineering approval is required for all easement
8. All information must be supplied or plans will not be
9. Call 24 hours in advance for posthole and final
10. Caution should be used when installing fence on the
lot line. Property survey is recommended.
Do not use highlighter on drawing
Property line
Property line
Tree lawn