Don’t Let WFH Become WTF
You’re struggling to convey your message via text-
based communication
You need a way to deliver a
clear message:
Are you stuck on video calls all day, every day? Were going to let you in on a little secret—not every interaction needs to be
a video call or even a long-winded email or chat message. Use this checklist to determine when you can skip the long thread
or video call and use recorded, asynchronous video instead to deliver ecient, clear, timely, and personal messages.
If you check any of the following boxes, its time to give asynchronous video a try.
When and Where to Use Asynchronous Video
You’ve been on back-to-back video calls all day
and are struggling to get work done
You want to create eciencies
in your day:
You’re trying to explain a complex idea, but can’t
nd time in your colleagues calendar
You need to provide feedback on a project, but
you don’t think it warrants a full meeting
You’re completely overwhelmed by chat
messages, email, and documents
You’re looking for a way to deliver your message
with personality and enthusiasm
You want to maintain a
personal connection:
Your teams having a tough time nding a time that
works for a live call due to kids, responsibilities at
home, and various scheduling conicts
You need to deliver timely
You want to check in on a colleague or customer
and let them know you’re thinking about them
You want to congratulate a teammate who just
hit a major milestone
Okay, its time to get recording! Download Vidyard for free today and discover how
asynchronous video can improve your work life.
Your message would benet from the added context
provided by body language and intonation
You have supporting visuals for your message
You need to answer a question or share a perspective
on something
You’d need to write at least a 100-word email to
explain your message
You need to capture and share inspiration as it hits you
Your matter can’t wait for a time when everyone is
You want to share the kind of quick feedback or
thoughts that you’d typically provide by dropping by
someones desk