Changing Contact Information for an IATS Account
(Canadian Merchant Accounts)
In order for IATS to ensure we receive correct information as to who should be the contact person on your
IATS account, we ask that this request be filled out by a signing officer from your organization.
Please complete the following fields and return to the Customer Care representative assisting you.
Alternatively this form can be returned via e-mail to
or via fax to 1-604-682-1715.
Name of Organization: ________________________________________________________
IATS Client Code(s): __________________________________________________________
Previous Contact’s Name: ______________________________________________________
Position at Organization: _______________________________________________________
Has the above Contact left the organization? Yes No
If No, should Previous Contact remain as an Additional Contact? Yes No
New Contact’s Name: _________________________________________________________
Contacts position at organization: _______________________________________________
Contact’s email Address: ______________________________________________________
Contact’s Phone Number: ______________________________________________________
Contact’s Fax Number: __________________Chargeback Fax Number:__________________
Statement delivery email Address: _______________________________________________
ACH Email (If Applicable): ______________________________________________________
Phone number to be provided to cardholders who may have further questions about a charge
from your organization: ________________________________________________________
Authorized Contact or Signing Officer who approves these changes:
Title: ______________________________Date: ___________________________________
Additional contacts to add to account (if applicable):
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