White Copy- ASMC
Canary Copy- Vendor
Pink Copy- V.P. Student Personnel
Goldenrod Copy- V.P. Student Personnel
MC Form- 226
By use of Merced College facilities on I, the undersigned,
(Date or Dates)
acting as authorized agent of
(firm or product to be sold)
will be responsible for use fees (if any) and any damage sustained by use of the school
premises, furniture, or equipment because of my occupancy. I agree to abide by and
enforce the rules, regulations and policies of the Merced Community College Board of
Trustees governing the use of school premises.
To the best of my knowledge, the items I am soliciting for sale are not faulty or
defective. Further, I am not knowingly using school property for the commission of any
illegal act or crime, including Penal Code Sections 11400 and 11401.
I agree to hold harmless, Merced College employees- -individually or collectively- -
including appointed or elected officials and officers, while acting within the scope of their
duties, free and harmless of any responsibility for any personal injuries, damage
or loss arising out of my solicitation on campus.
I, , for myself and personal representatives, assigns, heirs,
(your name)
and next of kin, hereby agree to release, waive, discharge, and relinquish any and all
DEATH as a result of engaging in the above activity. I agree that this agreement is valid
for the time period above. I have been fully and completely advised of the potential
dangers incidental to engaging in the activity and am fully aware of the legal
consequences of signing this agreement. It is also understood that Merced College may
require a Certificate of Insurance from myself for sale of items while I am on campus.
Signature of Vendor Witness
Firm or Product Represented Date
Merced Community College
3600 M Street Merced, CA 95301
Phone: 209-384-6000
Fax: 209-381-6476
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