Proposed Date(s) of Event: Time of Event:
Facilities needed: YES NO
If Yes, please attached facilities request
ASMC President or Treasure
Number of items for sale @ $ (ea)= $
How much expense is anticipated? $
Actual amount sold $
Profit after expenses $
How will profit be used? (please be detailed)
Cashbox can be picked up from Student Fees
Final amount of event you are fundraising for? $
What amount will you be requesting from ASMC? $
Were the funds approved at the Student Council Meeting
Date of Approval:
FundraiserDetails :
Food Permit Needed: YES
If Yes, please attach health permit form
Fundraiser Approval & Funds Request Form
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Club Advisor:
Proposed Event:
Event Location:
ASMC Advisor:
Turn in completed form to the ASMC Office.