Choose the services that you will offer in your business
Decide on the hourly rate that you will charge for your services
Create packages to sell your services as a bundle
Choose a niche or specific skill set that you'll focus on
Decide on the amount of time you can devote to your business each week
Create a mission statement for your business. For example:
My name is _____. I assist _____ with _______ so they can _________________.
Create a pricing sheet of your services
Discover your own unique brand personality
Choose a name for your business
Make sure your business name is not already Trademarked
Register your business name with your state and/or local government
Purchase your business name domain
Claim your social media names / links
Choose the branding colors and fonts you will use for your business
Decide on the tool you will use to track time
Decide on the invoicing / accounting software you will use
Create a contract to be used between you and your client
Decide on the project management tools you will use while working with clients
Create an intake questionnaire for your clients
Create a portfolio of your previous work
Create a Welcome Packet for new clients, outlining your processes
Open a business bank account for your VA earnings
Develop a weekly plan for keeping track of your money flow (earnings and
Apply for an EIN number
Set reminders in your calendar for paying quarterly taxes
Choose if you will operate as a sole proprietor or LLC and register as such
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Wave is a FREE accounting software that let you send
unlimited invoices for free to your clients. Their processing
fee is standard, and you can easily accept credit card
payments. What more could you ask for?
Toggl is a free time tracking tool that I recommend to all VAs
just starting out. You can track time and categorize per client
AND per project. This is a great tool to have in the back
Trello is a free productivity and project management tool. This
is a great place to organize clients and projects in a visual
board format. As an added bonus, you can add clients to
boards individually, so that everyone stays on the same page!
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Freshbooksis an amazing accounting software that handles
not only invoicing and expenses, but time tracking and
project management too! It is a paid software, so we
recommend it to VAs who have a robust client list.
The VA Toolbox is your new BFF. Created with VAs in mind, inside
you will find a customizable contract template, a customizable
subcontractor template, a mock portfolio, and a customizable
welcome packet template!
© The Virtual Savvy
The VA Toolbox
Ready to Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant? This on
demand, free 60-minute training will show you how to price your
services, land clients, and grow your virtual assistant business
from scratch.
Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant
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