Arizona 811
UtiliSphere Setup Questionnaire
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Please answers each of these questions to the best of your ability and return this sheet to Public Services at so we can begin setting up your UtiliSphere accounts.
Company Information
1. Company Name:
2. Address: 3. City: 4. State: 5. Zip:
Contact Information
6. Contact Name: 7. Phone: 8. Fax: 9. E-mail:
Service Information
10. Service Areas (SADA Codes) associated with this setup:
11. Monthly Ticket Volume:
User Information
12. Please list everyone who should be set up as Administrators of this website: (Cell Phone/Other and service are for text messages)
Administrator Name (602)111-1111 AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, etc.
13. Please list everyone who should be setup as Users of this website: (Cell Phone/Other and service are for text messages)
User Name (602)111-1111 AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, etc.
Option Information
14. Would you like to see: One ticket for each facility type (separate people locate each facility type)
One ticket with all facilities (one person locates all facilities)
Arizona 811
UtiliSphere Setup Questionnaire
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15. Please list all facility types and associated assets: (This is optional and only needed if you would like a record of what is marked)
ex. Water ex. Main, Valve, Line
16. Would you like to use folders for on-going jobs or auto placement? Yes No
17. If so, please enter the folder names below (you could use "On-Going Jobs", "Area 3", Locator 3”, or whatever works for you. This
is typically best used when locators rotate duties and not necessary, but will work, when you want to assign tickets automatically to
a locator directly):
18. Do you use Contract Locators? Yes No (If YES, please note their contact information at the end of this document.)
19. Would you like the ability to download the digsite/ticket information in XML format? (This is useful for backup and creating
offline custom queries.) Yes No
20. Would you like the option of placing a static Trailer (Footer) that you specify at the end of a ticket when it is printed?
Yes No If so, please type it here or attach a copy of what you would like:
Response Information
21. Please indicate the responses to Arizona 811/Excavators that you would like have setup for this site:
No Conflict (Suppresses notice for 45 days) Does Conflict (Reverses a No Conflict to enable another response)
Marked Completely No Response Necessary (Used when only reference info relayed)
Marks Still Visible Unmarked Excav & Loc Agreed to Meet On-Site
Unmarked Extraordinary Circumstances Exist Unmarked High Profile Facility; Requires Monitor
Unmarked Incorrect Address Information Unmarked Marking Delay Agreed by Excavator
Unmarked Marking Inst. Unclear; Call Arizona 811 Unmarked No Access
Unmarked No Locate Required Contractually Unmarked On-Going Job; Mrkg Sched as Agreed
Unmarked Privately Owned Facilities on Property Unmarked Unrestrained Animal on Property
Facility Owner/Operator Refuses to Locate Other
Other Other
Arizona 811
UtiliSphere Setup Questionnaire
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22. Would you like any of the above responses to have pre-written comments that can be selected on a per ticket basis? (Ex. No
Conflict could have pre-written comments such as “NC in rear of property”, “SWG facilities in area”) Yes No If so, please
list them on an attached sheet with the Response Title and Comment.
23. Would you like to be able to send a separate positive response directly back to the excavator via e-mail: Yes No
24. If you checked any of the boxes in the above question, which Positive Response codes would you like to respond back to and
with what remarks? (Ex. No Conflict We have no facilities in the area described within your 811 utility request.)
25. If you wanted to respond back to the excavator directly using the Positive Response option, please complete the following:
For e-mail response, what type of header and footer would you like sent with your messages?
Processing Tools Information
26. When a ticket is received you have the option of being notified of information pertaining to that particular ticket. For example,
you can be notified by e-mail or a text to your cell phone when a priority notice (Emergency, Damaged Utility, etc.) is received. This
way you can receive the entire ticket by e-mail, or sections of the ticket on your text messaging device, and be notified immediately
when you must respond to these priority situations. When and how would you like to be notified of priority or other types of
notices? Please include any after-hours notifications as well. Provide an e-mail address instead of a person if user does not otherwise
have an account from the above listing.
M-F 5:30a-2:30p
27. What notice types would you classify as priority notices? Damaged Utility Emergency Recall Unknown Line
Arizona 811
UtiliSphere Setup Questionnaire
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28. Are there any keywords you would want to search for within the text of a ticket after it has arrived? (This can be useful to assign
all Boring/Explosive tickets to a specific individual; use the word pool to help process No Conflicts faster; or search for other items on
the ticket.) Yes No If so, please list them:
29. The system is capable of auto-assignment of tickets to a specific locator or folder based on criteria such as Responsibility Areas,
Service Area, Keyword, or even TRSQ/Quarter Section. Responsibility Areas can be set up by submitting SHP files to Arizona 811 with
each of your locate areas defined separately. Please note these areas can also be drawn in the system. If you would like your notices
automatically assigned to specific locators or folders, please list them below:
Joe Locator TRSQ - Anything North of Main Ave
Ticket Management Information
30. The UtiliSphere system uses screens to display information about the tickets for which you have searched. There are some pre-
defined screens that will help you with most of what you need, but you might have special requirements that are not currently listed
on these screens. What specific information, if any, would you want to see, or sort by, as you are viewing a list of tickets if you are
able to?
31. The UtiliSphere system also uses Filters and Groups to help define which tickets will be displayed. For example, let’s say you had
6 locators and each wanted to use the filters for Open Tickets, Tickets Due Tomorrow, and Today’s Tickets, but only want to see their
tickets and only their filters, Arizona 811 can set it up so that each locator/folder is assigned to its own grouping of filters. Filters
could be set up as shared among all of the groups as well. Each person still has the ability to see all of the filters and tickets,
regardless of permissions. Based on this information, do you feel you would like to use Filter Groups or Filters by
32. Would you normally be working on tickets that are due tomorrow or due today?
33. Please list, if any, special filters that you would like to see in your site (i.e. tickets due tomorrow):
Other Information
34. Please list any items here that need to be expanded upon or questions that might not have been covered already in this
35. When would you be interested in receiving training and going live with the UtiliSphere System? Arizona 811 recommends that
the training be within a few days of your actual go-live date.
Available Training Dates:
Requested Go-Live Date: