Leading for Well-being
Wellness@Work has partnered with Excellence Canada and Human Resources (Learning &
Development) to launch a new leadership program at U of G that fosters cross-campus collaboration
and the development of leadership competencies that promote the health and wellness and personal
success of employees. Leading for Well-being is a two-day program that will build a community of U of
G leaders with an enhanced capacity to further cultivate a psychologically healthy and safe workplace
for employees.
The Wellness@Work survey results highlighted an opportunity to focus on organizational culture, clear
leadership and expectations, workload management and growth and development. Leading for Well-
being will aim to improve these psychosocial factors across the institution, by equipping leaders with the
skills and confidence they need to positively influence change.
Excellence Canada’s learning topics have been developed through a wellness lens and will focus on
community building, change and transition, fostering strong relationships, authentic leadership and
more. Research shows that leaders can have a profound impact on employee well-being and by
enhancing their personal leadership skills, leaders are better equipped to support their own wellness.
Program Goals
- Connect and develop highly skilled leaders from all areas of the organization in a variety of leadership
positions, irrespective of their job title or years of service through a supportive environment.
- Provide an opportunity for leaders to learn collaboratively with others through the exploration
of leadership models, ideas and topics, while discussing real problems and sharing potential
- Build a community within which leaders feel comfortable to reach out to one another and share
ideas, share their experiences, and together co-create new solutions to enhance their services
and relationships.
- Develop confidence for leaders in their own ability to influence positive change within their
work areas to create more psychologically healthy and safe work environments.
- Provide an opportunity for a cross-section of University of Guelph leaders to gain valuable
insight and perspective from the Senior Executives that will give context and focus for their
- Create a feedback loop to the Senior Executives whereby the unique perspectives, ideas and
insights that the leaders gain as part of their collaborative learning can be shared with Senior
Executives for their consideration.
Program Structure
Senior Executives will be invited to share recommendations for the retreat participants that will provide
context and focus to the participants’ learning. Insights will be collected to share with participants
during the retreat program.
Faculty and staff in leadership positions or individuals who have influence in the organization and
consider themselves leaders are invited to apply. Leaders may include roles such as Senior Leader
(Dean, AVP, Associate Dean), Union Leader, Chair, Director, Supervisor, Manager or thought leader.
Successful candidates will participate in a 2-day retreat at the University of Guelph Arboretum in either
a January or May cohort.
During the retreat, participants will learn about a variety of different leadership topics facilitated by
Adam Stoehr, Vice-President Education and Research at Excellence Canada and Linda Watt, Director of
Human Resources (Learning & Development) at University of Guelph. Each new topic will start with an
interactive lesson about a collaborative leadership model, idea, or topic. There will be facilitated time
and space for the group of leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities they are facing and share
ideas on how they can approach them with wellness in mind. Leadership Impact Assignments will be
introduced and worked on by teams of leaders throughout the 2-day retreat.
Examples of session topics during the 2-day retreat may include:
- What is Collaborative Leadership?
- Leadership Styles
- Building Stronger Relationships
- Developing your Leadership Brand
- Vision to Goals Linkage
- Leading Innovation
- The Pursuit of Excellence: Its Impact on
- Leadership Exchange Model
These learning topics have been selected to complement the existing leadership opportunities offered
for faculty and staff through Human Resources Learning & Development and Wellness@Work.
After the Leading for Well-being retreats have wrapped up, participant insights, perspectives and ideas
regarding leadership and wellness will be shared back with the Senior Executives.
Important Dates
December 7th, 2018: All application forms due.
December 21
2018: All applicants will be notified if they have been accepted into the program
and if so, which retreat they are invited to participate in.
January 21
and 22
2019: 2-day retreat for successful applicants at the Arboretum.
May 27
and 28
2019: 2-day retreat for second group of successful applicants at the
Application Process
As a limited number of employees are able to participate in this free program, there is a short
application form and a sub-committee from the Wellness@Work Advisory Committee will review the
applications blindly. A cross-section of leaders from different areas of the institution will be selected
to meet the goals of the program. All applications will be confidential.
Interested candidates are asked to complete the attached application form by December 7th, 2018
and submit to sjoosse@uoguelph.ca or deliver to Human Resources with attention to Sarah Joosse.
Successful candidates will receive their invitation to join one of the 2-day retreats by December 21
If you have questions about this program, please contact Sarah Joosse at sjoosse@uoguelph.ca or call
extension 56705.
Leading for Well-being
Application Form
Name: _________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Job Title: ________________________________________________
Department: _____________________________________________
Senior leader (Dean, AVP, Associate Dean, Registrar, etc.)
Union leader
Thought leader/person of influence
Other. Please specify: ________________________
1. How have you demonstrated leadership in wellness at U of G in your current role and
what was the impact?
2. What do you aspire to accomplish as a U of G leader and champion for wellness in the
future and how do you foresee this program helping you get there?
3. In your opinion, why is collaborative leadership key to creating a healthy workplace
To participate in this program, you must commit to fully participating in a 2-day retreat in either
January or May. Please confirm your availability for these dates below and put a hold in your
calendar while the committee reviews the applications.
2-day retreat- January 21
and 22
2-day retreat- May 27
and 28
Applicant Signature: _________________________________________________
Thank you for your interest! All applicants will be notified if they have been accepted into the
program by December 21
, 2018.
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