1 | University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme
University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme
Application Form 2019-20
What is the University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme?
The University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme has been established in order to enable students
to secure privately rented accommodation by providing a UK based guarantor. If relevant eligibility
criteria is met, University of Stirling may act as a UK-based rent guarantor for your rent (up to a
maximum of £600 per calendar month).
Who can apply?
You can apply if you are a fully enrolled full-time student at the University of Stirling who cannot
obtain a UK-based guarantor to secure a private accommodation tenancy. Students who are
currently, or who have previously been, listed as a debtor (academic or non-academic) to the
University of Stirling will not normally be eligible to apply for the scheme. Priority will be given to:
Overseas, EU and continuing students;
Students who are care experienced
Students who are estranged from their families;
Students with low household income (less than £18,999 per annum); and
Students with exceptional circumstances.
Please note that the scheme is not open to part-time students.
How can I apply?
You should submit this form together with the following required evidence to the Student Money
team at the Student Services Hub at 2A1 Cottrell Building, or by emailing it to ask@stir.ac.uk
your university email account:
Unsigned tenancy agreement, with no joint or several liability ;
Two months’ worth of bank statements for your bank account from which you have been
paying your rent;
Evidence of your funding arrangements for the current academic session (for example,
SAAS/Student Finance/other scholarship award letter);
Reference from your current or previous landlord (including halls of residence) if
APPLICATION. If you are unsure about what we require to assess your application please get in
touch either by emailing us at ask@stir.ac.uk, phoning us on 01786 466022 or by making an
appointment with the Student Money Adviser at the Student Services Hub at 2A1 Cottrell Building.
2 | University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme
Official use only
Reference no:
Date submitted:
Part 1: Your personal details
Student Number
First name(s)
Last name
Current address
Mobile number
Part 2: Your tenancy details
Address of property to be rented
Name of landlord or agent
Address of landlord or agent
Telephone no of landlord or agent
Email address of landlord or agent
Rent in pounds sterling (£) per
Expected start date of tenancy
Expected end date of fixed term
Deposit to be paid in pounds
sterling (£)
What can this deposit be used for
(e.g. damages, unpaid rent etc.)
Please note that this scheme guarantees rent ONLY up to a maximum of £600 per calendar
month. Additional contractual financial liabilities are not included.
3 | University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme
Part 3: Personal Statement
Please use this space to advise us of your reasons for applying for this scheme and why you
do not have access to a UK-based guarantor:
4 | University of Stirling Rental Guarantor Scheme
Part 4: Declaration
I understand and agree the following (you must read before signing):
I am a fully enrolled student for session 2019/20;
I have provided evidence of current funding and can provide evidence of future funding if requested
to demonstrate that I have funding in place to pay my rent for the term of the tenancy;
I accept that I am liable to disciplinary proceedings under Ordnance 2
discipline.pdf) for any false statements or documents I make or submit in support of this application,
and for any failure on my part to disclose changes in my circumstances that will affect my ability to
pay rent;
I will inform the Head of Student Guidance and Wellbeing (ask@stir.ac.uk) immediately of any
changes to the tenancy agreement or other information provided;
I will inform the Head of Student Guidance and Wellbeing (ask@stir.ac.uk) as soon as possible and
within 72 hours (3 days) if considering withdrawing or leave of absence/have withdrawn or taken
leave of absence from my course;
If the University of Stirling is required to pay rent on my behalf under the Guarantee, you agree to
repay to the University any sums paid by the University under the Guarantee upon being requested
to do so in writing by the University;
The guarantee will cover rent only and the University of Stirling will limit the amount it will agree to
guarantee to £600 per calendar month;
The guarantee will apply for a period of 12 months only.
If I am unable to pay my rent (or think I might not be able to make any payment), I must immediately
notify the Head of Student Guidance and Wellbeing at the University of Stirling by email
(ask@stir.ac.uk) stating the reasons for non-payment of rent together with the amount due and the
due date, so that the University is aware that the guarantee may be called upon;
The University of Stirling will expect my landlord or agent to have first approached me for payment of
rent before asking for payment from the University of Stirling;
I agree that I will pay my rent directly to the landlord or agent by a traceable electronic payment
method and acknowledge that I must be able to provide a clear record of my monthly rent payment to
the landlord or agent;
Information that I provide to Student Support Services at the University of Stirling will be kept
securely on file within Student Support Services. Student Support Services will only be used to assess
my eligibility for the guarantee scheme and will only share this information with colleagues out with
Student Support Services if this is deemed necessary, or if required to do so by a University regulation
or other legal requirement. A basic record of my engagement with the services within Student Support
Services is stored on my student record and access to this information is restricted to those involved
in the student support system; and
By returning this form by hand, via my student email or by submitting online, I provide my consent for
the University of Stirling to use my information in this way and acknowledge that this will be held
subject to the University’s confidentiality and data sharing policy which can be found here:
accept the above terms and conditions. I acknowledge and agree that if I am eligible for
provision of a guarantee, the above terms and conditions are the basis on which the
University will provide the guarantee, and that this will create legal obligations for me.
By ticking the box above and returning this form from you University email address you are giving
your consent to the University processing your personal information as outlined above.
gned: ............................................................................. Date: ..................................................