ome to the Study Abroad and Exchange Programme at the University of Stirling! Please ensure that you
complete your application in as much detail as possible. While completing, please refer to the Guide/Instructions
provided below. If you have any problems completing the application please do not hesitate to contact the Study
Abroad Team at study-abroad@stir.ac.uk
or +44 1786 467224 (from outside the UK) and it will be a pleasure to
assist you.
1. Identification Details
Please complete this section in BLOCK CAPITALS and refer to the Guide/Instructions provided below
Surname/Family name (As appears on passport)
Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mx)
Forenames (As appears on passport)
Known as
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Sex (male/female)
Nationality (Country that issued passport)
*Ethnicity (please refer to section 1 of Guide below)
Passport Number
Issue Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
Expiry Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
Second Nationality (if applicable)
Permanent Home Address
Address for correspondence or name and address of
agent/study abroad provider
Dates at corresponding address
Incoming Study Abroad / Exchange
2. Education
Study Period at University of Stirling (autumn
semester, spring semester, full year)
Category (Erasmus / Exchange / Fee-Paying Study
Home university/college/school
Current year/level of study at the start of the 2019 academic year (eg 2
year / sophomore)
Your degree programme/major at your home university/college/school
3. Further Information
*(Please see Guide/Instructions below)
*Disabilities/Additional Support Needs
Please indicate any disabilities, special needs, arrangements or facilities you may require during your studies
at the University of Stirling, using codes where possible.
*Criminal Convictions
Do you have any criminal convictions? Yes No
If ‘Yes’ please detail:
4. English Language Proficiency
*(Please see Guide/Instructions below)
Is English your first language? Yes No
If ‘No’, please give details of English language qualifications you hold or intend to take below:
Name of test (eg IELTS):
Date awarded/to be awarded:
Other evidence of proficiency (eg prior study in English):
5. Module Selection
Please indicate which modules from the Study Abroad Course Catalogue you would like to take.
A full time course load is three modules per semester. You must study three full modules every
semester (60 SCQF credits, equivalent to 30 ECTS credits).
Students who are not in their first/freshman year are only permitted to take one semester 1 module in
the autumn semester. (eg HISU9S1; FMSU9M1; MGTU9S1)
As availability can be limited in certain modules, students should select three preferred and three
reserve modules
Students will automatically be assigned reserve modules if their preferred modules are not available or
are fully subscribed
The more information you can provide about prior study, the better our academic advisers can match
you to appropriate modules.
The Study Abroad Course Catalogue is available online at:
Scotland in Pre-Modern Europe
Reserve 1
Reserve 2
Reserve 3
Reserve 1
Reserve 2
Reserve 3
6. Academic Transcript
Please include the appropriate contact name and additional information required for your academic transcripts
to be posted once your study abroad period is completed.
7. Applicant’s Signature
Please sign and date below:
Applicant’s Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________
8. Application Checklist
(Please see Guide/Instructions below)
Please ensure that before you submit your application pack it includes the following:
Completed Application Form, including module choices
Copy of your academic transcript, which must be in English. Students applying as first semester freshmen
should include their SAT/ACT scores and a copy of their high school transcript.
A suitable academic reference or recommendation that attests to your ability to study and participate in an
international learning environment.
(non-native English speakers only) printed evidence of English language competence
Copy of your current passport photo page, showing your passport number
9. Submitting Your Application
1. Please send the completed application and required supporting documents by email to
study-abroad@stir.ac.uk. The deadlines for applications to be received by the University of Stirling are April 1
for autumn and full year students, and October 15
for spring students. Late applications may be considered,
but please check with study-abroad@stir.ac.uk before submitting a late application.
2. When we receive your completed set of application materials, we will ask academic advisers to approve your
module choices.
3. Following this review, we will send you a decision letter. If you are offered admission you will receive an
Offer Letter, which includes a listing of modules for which you have been pre-approved, and an Acceptance
Form, which should be signed and returned to the Study Abroad Office by email. Please note that if you have
applied through a study abroad provider or agent, you may be asked to return your Acceptance Form to the
provider instead of directly to the University of Stirling.
4. Your admission will not be confirmed until the Study Abroad Office has received your signed Acceptance
5. Further details about accommodation will be emailed to students following their acceptance.
10. Academic Conditions for Admission
Applicants from universities in the USA and Canada should have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Special circumstances
may be taken into consideration if your GPA is slightly below this. Applicants from other countries should have
good pass grades equivalent to ECTS level ‘B’ or top 35% for courses taken, particularly in degree subjects.
Applicants should note that all students, at the time of their admission to the University, are required to be
sufficiently fluent in the English Language to be able to derive maximum benefit from course modules taught in
that language.
11. Information for Students Room and Board
Room and Board Costs 2019/20
Please visit stir.ac.uk/student-life/accommodation/visiting-students for the most up to date information.
Study Abroad and exchange students usually have a choice of two on campus and one off campus residence
when applying for university housing. Students apply for accommodation online and instructions about how to
go this will be sent to students in our Study Abroad Handbook after they have been offered admission to the
University and returned acceptance of that offer.
Accommodation options and room and board costs are normally confirmed on the website in March each year.
We make our best efforts to reserve university housing for all incoming study abroad and exchange students
who apply by the published deadline (mid-August for autumn/year students; mid-December for spring
students). However we are unable to guarantee on campus accommodation. Off campus university operated
accommodation is a short bus ride from the university campus, and students receive discounted bus tickets.
We recommend that you apply for accommodation at the earliest possible opportunity.
Standard Length of Accommodation Rental Agreements
Students studying at the University of Stirling for the full academic year will receive a 38-week accommodation
rental agreement (September June).
Students studying for the autumn semester only will receive an 18-week accommodation rental agreement
(September January).
Students studying for the spring semester only will receive a 20-week accommodation rental agreement
(January June).
Exact dates are updated in March each year and will be confirmed on the accommodation website.
Non-university accommodation payment of council tax
Students may either choose to live in non-university accommodation or may be unable to secure university
accommodation because of space limitations or late applications. In these cases it is important to note that
students on one semester programmes will be liable to pay council tax to the local authority. Students who
are studying at the University of Stirling for the full year will qualify for a council tax exemption. The amount of
council tax is determined by the type of property and the others residing in that property. For more
information, please refer to this website: stir.ac.uk/campus-life/accommodation/renting-privately
All university accommodation is self-catering, but a range of catering options are available which provide
choices for students who may wish to use campus catering almost all of the time, or for those who may use
catering services to a more limited extent. Students who are on year-long programmes should note that their
accommodation contracts will cover the winter break period, but foot and other estimates are not intended to
cover vacation breaks.
Full year
Information for Students Important Visa Information
If you are coming to the University of Stirling for more than six months and you hold citizenship from a country
outside of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you will need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student
Visa. If your application for study abroad is successful and you accept our offer of admission, our admissions
office will issue you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). You will need a CAS in order to apply
for your Tier 4 (General) Student Visa.
The University of Stirling will not normally issue a CAS for students who are coming for less than six months (ie
students studying for one semester only). These students are advised to enter the UK as a ‘Student Visitor’.
Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for entry clearance from your nearest British Embassy
before travelling to the UK. Please read more about this here:
Information for Students Semester Dates and Examinations
Semester dates
Please refer to the University of Stirling website at
stir.ac.uk/registry/studentinformation/semester-dates for current and future semester dates.
There is a mid-semester reading week in both the autumn and spring semesters when there is no teaching.
Students are not required to move out of their university accommodation during these breaks.
Study abroad students can move into their accommodation on the Saturday prior to the start date of each
semester. This is the recommended arrival date. Orientation activities for new students begin on the Sunday
prior to the start date of each semester. A first week schedule is finalised and provided to students nearer to
the start of the semester stir.ac.uk/welcome
It is likely that one or all of your modules will have a final exam. The exam timetable is not finalised until after
the mid-semester reading week each semester. For this reason, we recommend that students book their
return flight on or after the final date of the semester. Final exams cannot be rescheduled to accommodate
students’ travel plans and no special arrangements can be made for study abroad and exchange students.
The Da
ta Protection Act 1998 and your privacy
The University processes for educational purposes the personal information which you provide on your application
form. By giving this information you consent to all such personal information being made available for official
purposes to academic and support staff of the University. Except where disclosure is required by law, or where
you have separately agreed to disclosure to organisations providing you with financial support, such information
will be kept confidential within the University. You will be asked to sign a statement to this effect as and when you
enrol at the University.
Section 1. *Ethnicity
Please insert the applicable code from the table below onto the Application Form. Please note that the
University uses this information to monitor application rates and equal opportunities only, not for admission
purposes. It is confidential and protected from misuse.
Black or Black British
Asian or Asian
White & Black
White & Black
Other White
White & Asian
Other Black
Other Mixed
Other Ethnic
Other Asian
Information Refused
*Email address
Please ensure that you provide a valid email address as we rely heavily on email to communicate with students
throughout the application process.
Section 3. *Disabilities/Additional Support Needs
The University of Stirling actively provides support for a range of disabilities through our Accessibility and
Inclusion Service: stir.ac.uk/student-support/accessibility-&-inclusion-service
Please insert the application code from the table below onto the Application Form and provide further
information on Section 3 of the Application Form. By completing this section you will be put in contact with
our Accessibility and Inclusion Service to establish the support required to enable you to study effectively at the
University of Stirling.
Dyslexia G Mental health difficulties F
Blind/partially sighted C Unseen disability (eg diabetes, epilepsy) E
Deaf/hearing impairment D Multiple disabilities J
Wheelchair user/mobility difficulties H Other disability I
Social/communication impairment
B No disability A
Application Guide/Instructions
Do you have any criminal convictions? (please tick)
Yes: No:
To help the University reduce the risk of harm or injury to other students, you must declare all relevant criminal
convictions. Relevant criminal convictions are only those convictions for offences against the person, whether
of a violent or sexual nature, convictions involving unlawfully supplying controlled drugs or substances where
the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking. Convictions that are spent (as defined by the
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) are not considered to be relevant and you should not reveal them (but
please read below).
If you are applying for a course involving work with children or vulnerable adults. ALL criminal convictions are
considered relevant including spent sentences and cautions (including verbal cautions) and bind-over orders.
If you are convicted of a relevant offence after you have applied, you must inform us immediately.
Please note that you must check the ‘Yes’ box if you have a conviction, not including:
A motoring offence that you received a fine or similar penalty for; or
A spent sentence (as defined by the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974), except for certain
courses (please contact the Study Abroad Office for more details)
If you have not been convicted of a criminal offence, you must check the ‘No’ box.
If you check the ‘Yes’ box, we will ask you to send more details.
If you are not sure whether to tell us about a previous conviction, you should get more advice from your local
Citizens Advice Bureau or probation service, or from NACRO (National Association for the Care and Settlement
of Offenders). You can also contact a solicitor, but may have to pay for legal advice.
Please note that we will not be able to process this form unless either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ box is checked and that
this may delay your application. If you are convicted of a criminal offence after you have applied you must
inform the University.
Section 4. English Language Proficiency
Please note that it is necessary, for students whose first language is not English, to demonstrate a measure of
English-language ability by having passed one of a list of recognised tests and examinations. One of the
following qualifications will be acceptable. For students on certain recognised exchange programmes, there
may be an inter-university agreement for the recognition of a student’s English language ability which may
mean that admission is possible without the student having to sit or hold one of the following tests. In this
case, a student’s academic reference would have to attest to their ability to attend classes and complete
assignments in English. Students should check with their study abroad co-ordinator, where applicable.
Please refer to the table below for a list of the most commonly accepted examinations and our minimum pass
(Academic & General Training)
A minimum overall IELTS score of 6.0 (with at least
5.5 in each skill)
* Criminal convictions
A minimum overall TOEFL score of 80 (with at least
17 in each skill)
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
Grade C
For a full list of English Language Examinations:
Study Abroad admission would normally fall under ‘Undergraduate Courses’.
All applications are considered in line with the University of Stirling Admissions Policy and therefore with the
Equality Act (2010).
The University of Stirling routinely gathers and stores Personal Data relating to prospective students, applicants
and students at the points of application, admission, enrolment and on an ongoing basis throughout the period of
your studies at the University, in line with the nature and requirements of its work.
Personal Data is gathered and stored in line with the University's obligations under the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR).
When you submit an application to the University, the University will use the information about you that you
provide on your application form to process your application and communicate with you through the admissions
process. Your Personal Data will also be used by the University for management activities such as strategic
planning, statistical analysis and equal opportunities monitoring. The University may also require to share your
Personal Data with selected third parties in line with external and statutory requirements. Where this is the case,
data will be shared in line with the parameters of the GDPR and the provisions made within the University policy
on data protection. The policy can be found at stir.ac.uk/about/faculties-and-services/policy-and-
For detailed information about how we will process your personal information please see the University’s Privacy
Notice found here stir.ac.uk/about/faculties-and-services/policy-and-planning/legal-compliance/data-
If you go on to enrol as a student with the University, the University will continue to use your Personal Data
throughout the period of your studies. The University may also require to share your Personal Data with selected
third parties in line with external and statutory requirements. Where this is the case, data will be shared in line
with the parameters of the GDPR and the provisions made within the University policy on data protection. The
policy can be found at stir.ac.uk/about/faculties-and-services/policy-and-planning/legal-compliance/data-
University courses, services and procedures are continuously reviewed, revised and enhanced and this may result
in some changes between the time of application and the date a student commences study with the University.
Where any changes may impact upon an applicant, the University will keep the applicant fully informed.
I hereby apply for a programme of study at the University of Stirling and I confirm that the information given is
correct. I confirm that the documentation I supply with my application is genuine, and I understand that the
University of Stirling will withdraw my application if any aspect of my application is found to have been falsified.
I hereby accept that the University of Stirling will accept no liability for my tuition fees or living expenses in the
event of my admission.
Applicant’s Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________