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Customer Profile
Use this form to build the profile of your perfect client.
When you’re done, make a list of topics you can use to create engagement posts your
audience will love.
Is your perfect client a woman, or man, or either?
How old is your perfect client?
Under 20:
20 - 30:
30 - 40:
40 – 50:
50 – 65:
Does your client live:
In an apartment:
In a house:
In a big city:
In a small town:
In the country:
Traffic FastPass Customer Profile - Page 1
Is your client?
Married/In a relationship:
A parent:
If so, age of children:
A grandparent:
A pet owner:
What does your client do in their free time?
Go to restaurants/ entertainment:
Entertain at home:
Chill at home / Watch Netflix:
Running kids to activities:
Go to the gym:
Dog park:
Part-time student:
Traffic FastPass Customer Profile - Page 2
What tv shows/movies does your client love?
What’s their favorite Social Media?
What stores does your client shop in?
How would your client describe themselves?
Example: Foodie, dog person, cat lady, gym rat, fashionista, yoga pant mom, working mom,
stay-at-home mom
Besides necessities, what does your client spend money on?
Example: Travel, hobbies, cosmetics, shoes, kids activities, daycare, craft beer
Traffic FastPass Customer Profile - Page 3
Next, based on your results, write a description of your ideal client
Sarah is a 35 year old mom with 3 kids under the age of 8. She’s on a budget and she shops
online because it’s easier than taking kids out shopping. She lives in the suburbs, in a house, with
her husband and her kids. She’s in charge of the household, and she works part time from home.
She shops at the grocery store a couple of times a week, and she loads up at Target every few
weeks. She is an Amazon prime member. At the end of the day, she watches Netflix with her
husband after the kids go to bed. Going out is a treat, but they go out without kids on occasion.
She likes to buy things for her house, and it’s important to her that it looks good. She tries to feed
her family healthy food, but sometimes they slip.
Finally, make a list of topics your perfect client would be interested in.
Examples: – home décor, snacks for kids, mom humor, etc.
Traffic FastPass Customer Profile - Page 4
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