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Page 21
Grade 5, Unit 1
Lesson 1: Empathy and Respect Handout 1
Take turns interviewing each other using the following questions about the lyrics of the song
“Walk, Walk, Walk.”
Write your partner’s responses in the spaces below the questions.
Compare your partner’s responses with responses from another pair
of students.
You see she’s getting angry, you’ve felt that feeling too
Describe a time when you’ve felt really angry:
What did you do?
Embarrassed, jealous, scared: strong emotions through and through
Describe a time when you’ve felt embarrassed, jealous, or scared:
What did you do?
Empathy’s the pathway to recognize and walk
So you can dish out some compassion and really walk the talk.
Describe a time when you’ve helped another person or shown empathy:
How did that make you feel?