Office of Graduate Studies
Thesis Submission Control Sheet
Last Name: _______________________ First Name: __________________________
Student ID: _______________________ Degree Program: _______________________
Department/School: _______________________
I hereby certify that I have followed the guidelines for thesis preparation provided by the Office of Graduate Studies, have
checked the thesis and that the copy:
is complete;
is free of pagination errors (pages are in order, no pages are missing, all pages are numbered sequentially,
according to the guidelines);
does not contain any copyrighted material that has not been authorized by the copyright holder
I understand that accommodation will not be made for missed errors or omissions once approved by the Office of
Graduate Studies
I understand that any errors or omissions which may be subsequently discovered during the harvesting process
for the National Library of Canada are my own responsibility, and that I may be contacted directly to rectify any
such errors.
Students signature: __________________________
_____________ Date: _____________________
Upon submission of your thesis using the online process your thesis will be checked and approved within 1 to 3
business days. Please ensure that you have submitted all required forms, paid the late graduation fee (if applicable)
and have settled any outstanding university accounts. You will be notified by email when your electronic submission
has been approved. You have two options if you wish to have your thesis bound.
is Binding:
1. You may submit yo
ur thesis as a PDF online through P
. Follow the instructions, upload your files,
choose the desired options for your thesis, make your payment and then wait for your bound thesis to be
2. Retain a copy of the approval email to submit to M&T Printing Group with any PDF or required paper copies for
binding. Thesis binding and copying may be done by contacting M&T Printing Group to receive instructions on
submission, binding and delivery. Payment for printing and binding copies is made through M&T Printing Group.
Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that your department receives a copy of your thesis, either bound or
electronically, if it is required.
Date Thesis Submitted Online: _________________ Date Approved: _________________
Protection of Privacy: We are committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information is collected under the authority of the University of Guelph
Act and pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). If you have questions about the use and disclosure of your
personal information, call the Office of Graduate Studies
at (519) 824-4120 ext. 56833. You can also find more information about access to information
and protection of privacy at the University of Guelph from the University Secretariat.
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