Department of Integrative Biology
Nomination and Internal Review of
External Examiner of Ph.D. Theses
for: __________________________
The nominee must be contacted by the Advisor and this form be completed at least
8 weeks prior to the anticipated date of thesis defense.
Suggested External Examiner:
Name: Position:
Brief rationale for nomination:
Nominee will attend the examination: on campus: by teleconference: skype/phone/…)
If the nom
inee will attend the examination, itemize the costs associated with the visit:
Travel (all forms):
Accommodation and Meals:
Less Department Subsidy: - $1000.00
Trust account(s) to which this amount may be billed:
I have discussed with the nominee, the nature of his/her relationship to the Ph.D. candidate, myself, and the
University, and are satisfied that s/he meets the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies (*see reverse).
Graduate Coordinator, Int. Biol.
Chair of Integrative Biology
(1) The Department/School must choose and make arrangements with an external examiner who is a
recognized expert in the subject of the thesis, with sufficient experience in evaluating PhD students
(e.g., advising, defense committees, etc). The external examiner must not have a direct connection
with the Department/School. The external examiner must not have served as advisor to the
student’s advisor, and must not have participated in joint projects with the advisor nor have
been a student or member of the graduate faculty in the University in the last 5 years. The
external examiner must have had no direct connection with the student or the student’s
research project. Assurance of independence of the external examiner is taken as a very serious
matter by the Board of Graduate Studies. If in doubt about the status of a prospective external
examiner, please call the Dean of Graduate Studies. The selection of the external examiner must be
approved by the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee and subjected to an internal review
procedure in place in the Department. Any individual who serves as an External Examiner may not
serve again until a period of 3 years has passed.
(2) The Department/School must have sent the thesis to the external examiner (sample form letters are
available in the Graduate Studies Office) at least 28 days before the date of the examination.
(3) Examination forms will be prepared and sent to the Examination Committee Chair by the Office of
Graduate Studies after this form is received. A report form for the Chair of the Examination will be
included with the examination forms.
(4) The Department/School pays the external examiner honorarium (fixed at $200.00) and
traveling/accommodation costs of up to $1000 CAD. Any costs above this are to be covered by the
Advisor. Graduate studies will transfer $200 to the unit to cover the honourarium and the transfer of
funds will occur after this examination request form and the external examiner’s report are on file in the
permanent student file in the Office of Graduate Studies, and after the exam has occurred.
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