Statement of Policy Regarding Acceptance for Clinical Training in the Following
Programs at Durham Technical Community College
Associate Degree Nursing Medical Assisting Practical Nursing
Anesthesia Technology Occupational Therapy Assistant Respiratory Therapy
Clinical Trials Research Associate Pharmacy Technology
Surgical Technology
Health Information Technology Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilence
Students accepted into the above programs must meet the standards of both the College and the
affiliated clinical sites in order to participate in the appropriate clinical training for the program. Each
clinical site where a student receives training reserves the right to refuse clinical training to any student
found to be unacceptable according to that site’s policies and regulations. Clinical sites require a
Criminal Background Check (CBC) prior to the student’s placement for training at that site.
Reasons for refusal could include, among other considerations, a documented criminal background check
indicating convictions for drug or alcohol related charges, child abuse or molestation, burglary, larceny, or
other convictions deemed inappropriate to the particular clinical setting. In addition, students may be
required to submit to a 12-panel drug screening per the clinical site’s requirement.
The student must conform to and be subject to all policies and regulations of the assigned clinical site. The
site reserves the right to end clinical training of any student whose performance violates rules, policies,
procedures or professional standards expected by the agency. Written justification from the clinical site will
be provided to the college for such suspension. The clinical site and college personnel reserve the right to
take appropriate immediate action, when necessary, to maintain the proper and safe operation of its
facilities and the safety of clients in the clinical setting.
Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening: When students are admitted into the program of study, the
student receives the CBC and drug screening information and directions: The criminal background check will
include reports from all states where the student has lived, worked, or gone to school from the date that they
turned eighteen (18) years of age. The CBC will include both felonies and misdemeanors. The National Sex
Offender Registry is included in the CBC. Flagged reports are sent directly from the designated CBC vendor to
the clinical sites. Durham Tech does not retain copies of the results. Note: Please do not get this report from
your local police department. The drug screening is a 12-panel test.
Students will pay a fee directly to a designated vendor for the CBC and drug screening.
Additional information on the Criminal Background Check requirement may be obtained from the Durham
Tech website.
I verify that I have read and fully understand the Statement of Policy Regarding Acceptance for Clinical
Training at Durham Technical Community College. I also understand that a criminal background check
and/or drug testing will be required for placement in clinical training sites for Durham Technical Community
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Health Technologies Clinical Training Form 6/2018
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