The Local School Scholarship Program
began in 2011 to create educational
opportunities for Edgewater students,
encourage them to pursue college and
also to assist local schools with enhanced
educational programs.
The Scholarship Fund is financed through
fundraising events such as the annual
Princess Ball as well as through donations
from residents, businesses and friends.
One time donations can be dropped off or
mailed to City Hall at the address below.
Recurring monthly donations of any dollar
amount can be added to your Edgewater
utility bill by contacting Utility Customer
Service. See the other side of this form.
To apply for Scholarship, New Smyrna
Beach High School students visit their
guidance office and complete the
Standard Scholarship Application.
Edgewater students, not attending New
Smyrna Beach High School, may contact
the City Clerk’s Office for an application.
104 N. Riverside Drive • P.O. Box 100 • Edgewater, FL 32132
Phone (386) 424-2400 • Fax (386) 424-2409
Recently, we checked in with
past recipients to see what
they are up to….
2016 Recipients
Carly attends Daytona State College and is
transferring soon to the University of North Florida to
complete her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing.
Heather is enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University. She dreams of designing cars when she
graduates in 2018 with her mechanical engineering
Michelle is attending Daytona State College. She is
taking general education classes as she decides
whether to pursue a career in law or the medical field.
Ashley is currently attending Daytona State College.
She plans a career in social work and will soon be
transferring to the University of South Florida.
2015 Recipient
Emily is nearing graduation at the University of Florida
with a degree in Biochemistry and plans to enroll in
Dental School.
Great Job Recipients! And Many Thanks to Our
Community for Supporting Local Students & Schools.
Name: _________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Ulity Account #: ________________________________
Recurring Donaon Amount $_______________________
One Time Donaon Amount $_______________________
Enrollment Form
104 N. Riverside Drive • P.O. Box 100 • Edgewater, FL 32132
Phone (386) 424-2400 • Fax (386) 424-2409
The City Council is proud to announce
the City of Edgewater Local Scholarship
Fund that is funded by residents and
business owners within our local or
surrounding area.
If you are an Edgewater utility customer,
you may donate each month by simply
filling out the enrollment form and
dropping it off at City Hall or by emailing
the Customer Service Department at:
Please include your name, utility account
number, donation amount and indicate if
this is a one time amount or a recurring
donation. This is a great way for local
residents and business owners of
Edgewater to work together and help our
students and schools.
If you need further information or have
questions, please contact the City Clerk's
office at (386) 424-2400 ext. 1102.
Thank you for your participation
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