Complete this portion only if you are requesting a partial drop for the semester: (Consult the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines and dates)
First Name Last Name MI Student ID Number Semester/Year
Please circle one
from each
Career: Graduate Undergraduate
Campus: Main Campus Continuing Professional Education
School/College: Arts & Media Arch & Planning Business Education Engineering Liberal Arts Non-Degree Public Affairs
Choose an ‘Action’ for each class (See detailed instructions on reverse side) E=Enroll D=Drop WL=Waitlist TC=Time Conflict OV=Overload CH=Credit Hour Adjustment
P/F=Pass/Fail NC=No Credit (Please note: check the Late Start column if the class does not begin at the start of the semester.)
Late Start /
Start Date
ENGL 1010
Print Name Signature & Date Print Name Signature & Date
I understand that I am academically and financially responsible for the course adjustments I request. I am responsible for knowing schedule adjustment deadlines and signature requirements as
published in the academic calendar for this semester. I am required to submit this form within 5 working days after obtaining the required signatures.
Student Signature Date
Part II: Request for Complete Term Withdrawal (please complete this portion only if you are dropping ALL courses for the semester.)
I request permission to be withdrawn from all classes. I acknowledge responsibility for any tuition and fees. Changes in enrollment can have an impact on financial aid eligibility. Contact the
Financial Aid Office for further information.
___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Student Signature Date Authority Signature Date
This form must be complete before submitting to the Office of the Registrar (Student Commons Building). Please consult the academic calendars to ensure compliance with specific deadlines.
Student Commons Building | 1201 Larimer Street - Room 5005 | Campus Box 116 | Denver, CO 80217
Phone 303 315 2600 | Fax 303 315 2550 | Email |
Schedule Adjustment Form
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Register for classes through the student portal until the end of
the enrollment period. A Late Add Petition Form with
Instructor and Authority signature must be completed for
adding classes after the online enrollment period.
Drop classes through the student portal during the online
enrollment period. Classes dropped before the Census date will
not show on the student’s transcript and the student will not be
billed for tuition and fees.
Students may drop classes through the end of the 1
week of
the semester without being assessed a drop fee. After the 1
week of class through Census, students are charged a drop fee
of $100 per class.
Classes can be dropped using the student portal after the
Census date until the tenth week of the term. The drop will
show on the student’s transcript with a “W” grade and all
tuition and fees will be due and payable to the University.
Classes dropped after the tenth week of Fall or Spring
semesters and the sixth week of the Summer term will require
both the Instructor and Authority Signature on a Late
Withdrawal Petition.
Note: It is the student responsibility to drop a class(s) from
their account if you no longer want the class using your
student portal.
TC=Time Conflict
The student should enroll in the first class using the student
portal in which a time conflict exists. The instructor of the
second class must approve attendance in her/his class.
(Faculty Note: Please indicate on this schedule adjustment
form that you are allowing this student to register for your
class even though a time conflict exists.)
If you are eligible to take a class, but find it is closed, you may
put yourself on the waitlist using the student portal or this form
during the enrollment period.
Once you are on a waitlist, you are responsible for monitoring
your schedule to see if you are added in the class. If you decide
you do not want to enroll in the class, you are responsible for
dropping it from your schedule.
Waitlists are purged after the 1st week of the semester, so if
you are not officially enrolled in the class by then, you will
need to submit a Late Add Petition form with the instructor’s
approval to enroll in the class to the Office of the Registrar
(Student Common Building 1201 Larimer Street, Suite 5005)
or thru email at
OV=Credit Hour Overload
If you wish to take more than 18 semester credit hours in the
Fall or Spring semester, or more than 12 credit hours in the
Summer term, you must obtain Authority Signature
Approval from your school/college.
CH=Credit Hour Adjustment
Variable credit hour classes can be changed during the
Add/Drop enrollment period. After this period closes, an
Authority signature is needed to adjust the credit hours for
which you are registered. Enter the correct hours on this form.
Tuition bill will be adjusted upon changes made.
Restricted Courses
To add restricted classes to your schedule, please consult your
Grade Type Changes:
During the Add/Drop enrollment period you may change your
grade type in a course to either P/F=Pass/Fail or NC=No
Credit. Once Add/Drop enrollment ceases, changing the grade
type to or from a Pass/Fail or No Credit will require the
Authority Approval Signature on this form.
(No credit is not to be confused with Metro’s drop code of NC.
Contact your school/college for more information.)
Full Term Withdrawal
Part II of this form must be completed and signed before
submitting it to the Office of the Registrar in the Student
Common Building at 1201 Larimer Street, Suite 5005 or by
email to
Please Note:
All forms must be completed with necessary electronic or wet
signatures prior to submitting them for processing. The date
the form is received will be the effective date of the action
requested. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that
all information is accurate for processing.
School or College
Location and Phone Number
College of Arts & Media
Business School
School of Education & Human Development
College of Engineering, Design and Computing
College of Architecture and Planning
School of Public Affairs
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Undergrad)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Graduate)
Non-Degree Undergrad (Office of the Registrar)
Non-Degree Graduate
Arts Building Room 177; 303-315-7400
Business School Building 4
Floor, 1475 Lawrence Street; Undergrad 303-315-8100; Grad 303-315-8200
1380 Lawrence Street Center, Suite 701; Undergrad and Grad 303-315-6300
North Classroom 3034; Undergrad and Grad 303-315-7510
CU Building 1250 14
Street, Suite 2000; 303-315-1000
1380 Lawrence St, Suite 500, Room 525; 303-315-2228
1200 Larimer St, North Classroom 1030; 303-315-7100
1380 Lawrence Street Center 1251 ; 303-315-2183
Student Common Building 1201 Larimer Street, Suite 5005; 303-315-2600
School of College defined by each course