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November/December 2015
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“Should Kids Be Paid to Do Chores?” Quiz
Directions: Read the debate “Should Kids Be Paid to Do Chores?” in the November/December 2015 issue
of Storyworks. Then fill in the bubble next to the best answer for each question below.
1. Lacey writes that getting an allowance will
help her learn to manage all of the following
except _____.
A her stress
B her schoolwork
C her time
D her money
2. You can guess that Ralphie is _____.
A the family dog
B Lacey’s little brother
C a piggybank
D Lacey’s father
3. What is one thing about Lacey’s doing chores
that she and her mom agree on?
A Ten dollars each week is a bargain price.
B Extra chores deserve extra pay.
C Washing dishes will be one of Lacey’s chores.
D Walking Ralphie will be one of Lacey’s chores.
4. Based on her letter, what is Lacey’s main
reason for suggesting she do chores?
A She wants to make her parents smile.
B She feels it’s important for everyone to
pitch in.
C She would like to earn some money.
D She hopes to become an early riser.
5. How does Mom feel about paying Lacey
for helping at home?
A She is against doing so.
B She thinks it’s a great idea.
C She believes in paying for certain chores.
D She has mixed feelings about it.
6. Which quotation from the article
supports your answer to question 5?
A “The answer is YES!”
B “Sometimes we do jobs not for a reward,
but because we simply have to do them.”
C “I’d be a millionaire if I got paid every time
I did the dishes or made lasagna . . .”
D “Dad and I are thrilled that you will now be
helping us keep our house clean . . .”