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PURPOSE: In order to form a Business Corporation under Section 10A-1-3.05 and 10A-2A-2.02 of the Code of Alabama
1975 this Certificate of Incorporation and the appropriate filing fee must be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State.
The information required in this form is required by Title 10A.
INSTRUCTIONS: Mail one (1) signed original and one (1) copy of this completed form along with a self-addressed,
stamped envelope with the filing fee of $200.00 (credit card, check, or money order) to the Secretary of State, Business
Services, P.O. Box 5616, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616. The Secretary of State shall pay the sum of $100.00 to
the county treasurer for the county in which the office of the initial registered agent for that entity is located. If the credit
card does not authorize or if the check is dishonored, the filing will be removed from the index and of no legal effect. In
the case of a dishonored check, a $30 fee will be charged.
This form must be typed.
1. The name of the corporation (must contain the word “corporation” or “incorporated,” or the abbreviation of one of
those words, and comply with Code of Alabama Title 10A-1-5.04):
2. A copy of the Name Reservation certificate from the Office of the Secretary of State must be attached.
3. Street (No PO Boxes) address of principal office of the corporation:
Mailing address of principal office (if different from street address):
4. The name of the Registered Agent (only one agent):
Street (No PO Boxes) address of Registered Office (must be located in Alabama):
*COUNTY of above address:
Mailing address in Alabama of Registered Office (if different from street address):
This form was prepared by: (type name and full address)
(For SOS Office Use Only)
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5. Purpose for which corporation is formed:
the purpose includes the transaction of any lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated in Alabama
under Title 10A, Chapter 2A of the Code of Alabama.
6. Amount of stock the corporation is authorized to issue: Par Value
(Par value is optional information and does not have to be completed.)
7. Period of duration shall be perpetual unless stated otherwise by an attached exhibit.
8. The name(s) of the Incorporator(s):
Street (No PO Boxes) address of Incorporator(s):
Mailing address of Incorporator(s) (if different from street address):
Attach a listing if more Incorporators need to be added.
9. A director has no liability to the corporation or its stockholders for money damages for any action taken, or any
failure to take any action, as a director, except liability for (A) the amount of financial benefit received by a director to
which he or she is not entitled; (B) an intentional infliction of harm on the corporation or the stockholders; (C) a
violation of Section 10A-2A-8.32; (D) an intentional violation of criminal law; or (E) a breach of the director’s duty
of loyalty to the corporation or its stockholders.
Attached are any other provisions that are not inconsistent with law relating to organization, ownership,
governance, business, or affairs of the corporation.
*County of Registered Agent is requested in order to determine distribution of County filing fees
Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Signature as required by 10A-2A-1.20
Typed Name of Above Signature
Typed Title/Capacity to Sign under 10A-2A-1.20
Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Signature as required by 10A-2A-1.20
Typed Name of Above Signature
Typed Title/Capacity to Sign under 10A-2A-1.20
Domestic Formation Credit Card/Prepaid Account Payment Slip – 1/2021
Secretary of State Credit Card or Prepaid Payment Option/Return/Hold Sheet: If you do not send
an acknowledgement copy and a pre-addressed postage paid envelope with the filing you will not receive
a receipt from the Secretary of State’s Office. Hold for pickup request will have the receipt attached. The
document of record will be stamped showing the receipt of the filing fee but will not show convenience
fees (generally these fees are between 2% and 5% of the total charge).
Information MUST be typed or filing will be returned without review.
Entity Name:
Service Requested: X $200.00 Formation filing fee
Hold at Front Desk for Pick-up by:
There is no notification service/call for pick-up. (Service providers who run couriers for pick-up)
Choose one of the following:
Check/money order is attached-Please make one check payable for each filing to the Alabama
Secretary of State. Do not use one check for multiple filings.
Charge fees to prepaid account: Account Number
and Account Name
Typed Name & Signature of Authorized Individual on Account
Credit Card Type: (Visa, MC, Discover & AmEx)
Card Number: Expiration Mo/Yr.: / (MM/YY)
Card Holder Name:
Complete Billing Address:
Street or PO
City State Zip
Signature of Card Holder:
MUST be Signature of Card Holder