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The City Of
166 North Cherokee Road · Post Office Box 310 · Social Circle, Georgia 30025
Office: 770-464-2380
· Fax: 770-464-2113
Social Circle Citizen’s Academy
The Social Circle Citizen’s Academy was created to give the residents and corporate citizens of
Social Circle a chance to see, understand and interact with all aspects of your local government.
Participants will learn about the structure of local government and how it relates to the State and
Federal government. Elected officials, appointed advisory boards, and City staff will provide insight
into the resources and programs offered by the City of Social Circle.
Participants will have the opportunity to delve into City finances, regulations, and the public
processes associated with City government functions. Specifically, sessions will cover the structure of
the City, the Comprehensive Plan and Codes and Ordinances, Municipal Court, Boards and
Commissions, Public Works and Utilities, Finance Budget and Taxation, Public Safety and Transit,
and Zoning, Permits and Code Enforcement. Classes will be a combination of lectures, tours, and
interactive activities.
Participants in this program will meet from 6 pm to 8 pm at City Hall one day per month
beginning in September through April, for eight (8) sessions. A mock Council meeting on a topic
chosen by the class will be held on the last session. A graduation ceremony will be held after the
completion of the program at the regular May meeting of Mayor and Council.
Participation in the program is free. Applicants are required to be eighteen (18) years of age
and must provide their own transportation to and from training. Acceptance into the program is subject
to review of the applicant’s background, including a criminal history inquiry. A maximum of 10
applicants will be accepted into the program.
For more information please call Adele Schirmer at 770-464-6901 or e-mail at
The goal of the Social Circle Citizen’s Academy is to give citizens a better understanding of the
functions and services provided by the City of Social Circle to provide the opportunity for our citizens
to increase their knowledge of and participation in local government. Citizens have the potential to
participate on Advisory Boards and Commissions and to provide input on the priorities, practices, and
the delivery of services. The City government exists to serve the community. The interaction during
this program will enhance communication and connection between the Social Circle government and
the community it serves.
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The City Of
166 North Cherokee Road · Post Office Box 310 · Social Circle, Georgia 30025
Office: 770-464-2380
· Fax: 770-464-2113
Session 1 (Monday, September 23, 2019)
Orientation and Welcome,
Participants will receive an overview of the Academy schedule, the Federal/State/County/City
Government Relationship, the City Charter & Organization, and City Codes and Ordinances.
The Legislative process, and Open Meetings/Open Records acts will be reviewed.
Session 2 (Monday, October 28, 2019)
Participants will review the City Organization and Departments, and delve into the City long range
vision, the Comprehensive Plan and discuss how this vision is implemented.
Session 3 (Monday, November 18, 2019)
Participants will tour the Public Works Lot and Water Treatment plant and hear about the public
works and water, sewer, and gas utility services provided by the City.
Session 4 (Tuesday, December 3, 2019)
Participants will meet with representatives from all of the City Boards and Commissions and hear
about their roles, accomplishments during the prior year and objectives for the upcoming year.
Session 5 (Monday, January 27, 2020)
Participants will learn about City Finances, Taxation, and participate in the annual Budget preparation
process. Participants will learn about the sources of revenue that support City services and trends and
factors affecting City revenue. In addition, participants will discuss the public involvement in the
budget process, and what factors affect funding decisions.
Session 6 (Monday, February 24, 2020)
Participants will learn about the City Fire Department, Police Department and the City Transit service.
Tours of the facilities will be provided.
Session 7 (Monday, March 23, 2020)
Participants will engage in the planning, zoning, permitting, and Code enforcement processes. Roles
of the Planning Commission will be discussed, and the due process requirements of each will be
Session 8 (Tuesday, April 27, 2020)
Mock Council meeting where participants will serve as City Council and consider action on a
challenging community topic of their choice.
A Graduation ceremony will be held at the regular May 21, 2019 Council meeting after completion of the
program. Participants must be present for all classes to graduate.
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The City Of
166 North Cherokee Road · Post Office Box 310 · Social Circle, Georgia 30025
Office: 770-464-2380
· Fax: 770-464-2113
Citizen Academy Registration Form
This form may be downloaded and saved as a PDF form, completed and submitted electronically
to Or typed or printed legibly in black ink and returned to the
City of Social Circle at 166 N. Cherokee Trail, Social Circle Georgia 30025.
Read and complete the information be sure to include all information requested. Including street
numbers, zip codes, and telephone numbers, where requested.
Name: (Last) (First) (Middle)
Home Address:
Home Phone: Other Contact Number:
E-mail Address: Shirt Size:
What is your reason(s) for wanting to attend the Citizen’s Academy?
What do you hope to obtain or Learn from attending the Citizen’s Academy?
How did you learn about the Citizen’s Academy?
Have you attended previous Citizen’s Academies: (Yes) (No)
Please Return Completed Form To: Social Circle City Hall
C/o Adele Schirmer, City Manager
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The City Of
166 North Cherokee Road · Post Office Box 310 · Social Circle, Georgia 30025
Office: 770-464-2380
· Fax: 770-464-2113
Citizen’s Academy Release Form Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement
KNOW ALL PERSON(S) BY THESE PRESENTS that the undersigned, being (18) years of age or
older, and laboring under no limitations as to ability contract, does hereby release the CITY OF SOCIAL
CIRCLE, MAYOR, COUNCIL, and all elected and appointed officials or employees of said city and
department from any liability whatever as a consequence of any injury to my person, or damage to my
property, as a result of said City of SOCIAL CIRCLE granting my request to participate in the
Citizen’s Academy. I freely and voluntarily accept all risks, and I agree to hold the CITY OF SOCIAL
CIRCLE, MAYOR, COUNCIL, and all agents and employees harmless from claim and/or loss of any
nature as described above, including, but not limited to, medical expenses, loss of income, temporary or
permanent injury or disability resulting from injury, pain and suffering, or loss of personal property. I
further agree that the CITY OF SOCIAL CIRCLE, MAYOR, COUNCIL, nor any official, agent, or
employee owes me any duty whatever about this privilege.
I further agree, that should any person be damaged due to my negligence, I will assume all responsibility
and hold the CITY OF SOCIAL CIRCLE, MAYOR, COUNCIL, and/or officials, agents, and employees
harmless against claim or loss.
I further agree that I will promptly reimburse for any damages to said facility or equipment.
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