2019 Independence Day Celebration Vending Application
Saturday June 29, 2019
129 East Hightower Trail PO Box 310 Social Circle GA 30025
Office: 770-464-1866 mainstreet@SocialCircleGA.com
First Name Last Name Company
Address1 Address2
City State Zip Email
Business Ph Cell Ph Home Ph
Booth Activity [Please describe in detail. You will not be allowed to sell undisclosed items. Attach photo if available.]
Tent Size Wagon Size Trailer Size
Single booth space size is 10 x 12. If your tent, wagon, or trailer display is larger, you are required to purchase additional spaces at time of application.
Power is extremely limited. A quiet generator is recommended.
Subtotal: $
Subtotal: $
Subtotal: $
Special Requests:
Agreement/Release: As a vendor, I accept responsibility for my assigned area and agree to leave the area free of debris. Any
physical damages that occur during my occupancy will be repaired at my expense. I agree to abide by all laws, codes and ordinances
set forth by the State of Georgia, Walton County, the City of Social Circle and the Independence Day Committee. I hereby agree to
indemnify and hold Walton County, the City of Social Circle, and the Independence Day Committee and its agents harmless from all
and any claims, damages, liability or expenses arising out of my participation in the Independence Day Celebration. I further release
Walton County, the City of Social Circle, and the Independence Day Committee and its agents from any liability for any damages
sustained by myself and any other person claiming by, through or under myself due to the use of the premises or area, and from any
acts or omissions of myself or any persons. Walton County, the City of Social Circle, and the Independence Day Committee shall not
be liable for any damages to or loss of my personal property from any cause whatsoever.
Deadline for receipt of application and
fees 5:00pm Friday, June 21, 2019
Food/Beverage Vendor: $50 Downtown Business: No charge
Arts & Crafts/Businesses/Non Food $50
Non-Profit $25
Number of
Submit application and payment to the address at the top of this form. You may also email a copy to the email address above but no
space will be reserved for you until application and fees are received and approved. We reserve the right to assign booth spaces and
reject applications. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
The Independence Day Celebration will be held rain or shine. There will be NO refunds.
For more information, contact
mainstreet@SocialCircleGA.com or the Welcome Center 770-464-1866