BOI SV-S-02-04 13/05/2020 Page 1 of 6
Part A : Personal Information
1.Full English name as in passport
First name
Middle name
Last name
2.Current Nationality / Nationality at birth,
if different
3.Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
4.Place of birth (city, province/state, country)
Male Female
6.Marital status
Single Married Other (Please specify)
7.Passport number
8.Date of issue (dd-mm-yyyy)
9.Valid until (dd-mm-yyyy)
10.Home address
11.Home/mobile phone number
12.E-mail address
Date of birth (dd-mm-yyyy)
Bachelor Master Ph.D. Other (Please specify)
16.Field of study (please specify)
17.Work experience (past 10 years)
Name of organization
Period (mm-yyyy to mm-yyyy)
18.Name of contact person in Thailand
Relationship with the applicant
E-mail address
Mobile phone number
Note: Supplementary sheets may be attached if additional space is required
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Please select only one
I will / have participated in an incubation, accelerator
or similar program endorsed by a government agency.
Please complete Part B and E
I have received joint venture funding from the public
sector or endorsed by relevant government agencies.
Please complete Part C and E
I have established a startup company in Thailand.
Please complete Part D and E
I wish to set up a startup company in Thailand or
engage in promotional activities for startups
Please complete Part E
Part B : Program in which you have participated
1. Program name
2. Attending period (dd-mm-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy)
3. Name of reference person or contact person at the program
4. Position
5. Mobile phone number
6. E-mail address
Part C : Government institute from which you received endorsement
1. Organization name
2. Name of reference person or contact person at the program
3. Position
4. Mobile phone number
5. E-mail address
Part D : Company information
1. Company name
2. Registration date (dd-mm-yyyy)
3. Registered number
4. Address
5. Office number
6. Company Website or E-mail address
7. Name of company shareholders
(in the order of major shareholders)
Shares (%)
8. Your position and job description in the company
BOI SV-S-02-04 13/05/2020 Page 3 of 6
Part E : Business plan or activities in Thailand
1. Startup Name
2. Slogan (If any)
3. Please choose the startup sectors/ targeted industries /startup stage most relevant to your activities
Startup Sectors
Targeted Industries
Startup Stage
Next-Generation Automotive
Smart Electronics
Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
Business/ ServicesTech
Agriculture and Biotechnology
Scale up
Food for the Future
PropertyTech/ UrbanTech
Automation and Robotics
GovTech/ EdTech
Aviation and Logistics
Biofuels and Biochemicals
AgriTech/ FoodTech
Other (please specify)
Medical Hub
Human Resource Development in Science and Technology
Environmental Management and Renewable Energy
4. Business or activity plan in Thailand
5. Business or products or services description
BOI SV-S-02-04 13/05/2020 Page 4 of 6
6. Business Model: Description of the idea and business model
7. Mission: Description of your organizations mission
8. Vision: Description of your organizations vision
9. Target market: Description of your target customers or clients
10. Growth Strategy: Please explain your growth objectives and how you intend to develop your startup business
11. Why is your startup innovative? Please explain
BOI SV-S-02-04 13/05/2020 Page 5 of 6
12. Key persons in your organization/team
Total number of team members
13. Please specify your funding sources; a list of your funding sources that you already have or intend to apply for
14. Why did you choose Thailand as your destination? Please explain
15. Please explain how your business would benefit Thailand? Please explain
Note: Supplementary sheets may be attached if additional space is required.
Visa Issuance
Please select the place to collect the Smart Visa stamp (Please select only one).
Overseas; Thai Embassy or Consulate in (City, Country)
The Immigration Bureau at the One-Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit in Bangkok
The Immigration Bureau at EEC Labour Administration Centre in Chonburi
If you are currently on Thai visa, please specify the type of visa and its expiry date.
Smart Visa Non-B Non-O Non-O (Thai Spouse) Tourist Visa exemption Others
Expiry date of current Thai visa:
I hereby certify that the information and the evidence provided is true and complete in all respects. If there are
any false statements which are considered perjury, I agree to be subjected to any applicable legal prosecution.
Further guidance on the required documents is available on
6 M
1 Y
Completed application form of qualification endorsement for smart visa S
Copy of valid passport (first page and all pages with Thai visa stamps)
Financial evidence showing a deposit of no less than 600,000 Baht or equivalent in a bank
account in Thailand or overseas which has been held for at least 3 months.
*In the case of being accompanied by spouses and children, an additional amount of deposit of
no less than 180,000 Baht per person or equivalent is required in a bank account in Thailand or in
the country of his/her nationality or residence, which has been held for at least 3 months
Health insurance policy covering entire course of stay in Thailand, with coverage for
hospitalization treatment of no less than 500,000 Baht
* Submission of this document can be done separately at a later date before a notification letter is
Pitch deck
Shareholder list (not more than 3 months old) or/and transfer slip
Evidence of the incubation or accelerator program acceptance
Evidence of startup promotion activities participation
Company profile, company annual report, brochures or catalogues
A letter of verification issued from the country of his or her nationality or residence stating that
the applicant has no criminal record, certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association in
Thailand, may be requested on a case-by-case basis.
Mandatory If applicable
I confirm that I have read the guidance and there are no other documents to submit. For document are not in
English, I have provided a certified translation.
I hereby authorize One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit and related govenmental institutions to share
this information provided among the agencies involved in this qualification endorsement process.
I understand that a decision may be made on my application based on these documents only.
I understand that I may be contacted or requested for additional documents or information from government offices
or its representative.
* All processes may take approximately 30 working days to process providing that you are able to provide all complete
documents at the start, so please allow considerable time to begin the process before your immigration stamp expires.
For Official Use Only
Registered Number: Received Date: Due date:
Submission Officer’s Name Signature
Previous application number
Required Documents for Qualification Endorsement for Smart visa “S” (Startup)
BOI Smart Visa Type S 13/05/2020
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Items to be covered in Pitch deck (Startup Business Plan)
a. 1-page Executive Summary
b. The Company/ Background
c. Mission & Vision
- Mission Describe your organization’s mission
- Vision Describe your organization’s vision
d. Management Team Show the People behind the idea and briefly describe their role.
e. Products Describe features and benefits of your products and services.
f. Technology and Innovation Applied Explain why your startup is innovative.
g. Industry Description/ Competition/ Trends
- Industry Description Explain how your startup impacts to the targeted industry*.
- Competition Explain who is your competitors? (which company or business) How are you different from others?
What can you do better that really matters to consumers or profitability?
- Trends
h. Marketing & Sales Strategy
- Marketing Strategy - Explain who is your target customers or clients? How are you going to promote and
distribute products/services?
- Sales Strategy How are you going to get customers or clients to buy products/services?
i. Financial Plan/ Exit Strategy/ Funds Required
- Financial Plan Explain funding & investment plan (How are you going to seek and use money? What are you
going to do with the money?)
- Exit Strategy
- Funds Required
j. Revenue model Explain how is the startup going to make money? Average of money does the startup receive?
Who does the startup get money from?
k. Growth Strategy Explain your growth objectives and how you intend to develop your startup business.
l. Thailand’s Benefit
- Thailand Destination Explain why did you choose Thailand as your destination for your startup?
- Benefit to Thailand Explain how your business would benefit Thailand?
Remark: *Targeted industries
Next-Generation Automotive
Smart Electronics
Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
Agriculture and Biotechnology
Food for the Future
Automation and Robotics
Aviation and Logistics
Biofuels and Biochemicals
Medical Hub
Human Resource Development in Science and Technology
Environmental Management and Renewable Energy
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