Central Transport requires an inspection for damage claims over $500. A customer inspection may be submitted for claims between
$500 and $5,000. If sufficient information isn’t furnished in a customer inspection, a joint third party inspection still may be
necessary. A joint third party inspection is required for all claims over $5,000.
To arrange a joint third party inspection(over $5,000) complete and submit the top portion of this form via the email address or fax
below prior to filing your claim. Once the joint third party inspection is performed, attach a copy of the inspector’s report with your
claim submission.
For customer inspections ($500-$5,000), complete the top and bottom portions of this form. Attach the requested support pictures
and documents and include with your claim file. Freight inspections will contact you if the customer inspection isn’t sufficient and a
joint third party inspection is required to process a claim.
Direct freight inspection correspondence to freightinspections@centraltransport.com or fax (586)819-0023.
Central Transport Pro Number : _____________________________________________________________________
Estimated value of damage: ________________________________________________________________________
Description of commodity to be inspected: ____________________________________________________________
Weight of the affected commodity: __________________________________________________________________
Current address of freight to be inspected: ____________________________________________________________
Name & number of contact to arrange joint third party inspection: __________________________________________
Customer Inspection Form (not required for joint third party inspection requests)
Date of Customer Inspection: ______________________
First and last name, email address, phone number and company name of person who performed the inspection:
Number and type of units damaged: Pallets _____ Cartons _____ Individual pieces _____ Affected Weight _____
Description of commodity: ______________________________
Description of damage and details regarding extent of damage: _____________________________________________
Description of shipping carton/outer container and packaging: ______________________________
Description of damage to packaging: ________________________________________
Does damage to packaging correspond to damage to contents (please check one)? Yes No
Was packaging sufficient to protect freight (please check one)? Yes No
If No, how could freight be packaged differently to avoid future damages? ________________________________________
Is a Box Maker Certificate (BMC) present on shipping container (please check one)? Yes No
If BMC present please provide gross weight limitation: __________
Were there any markings on the containers (fragile, this end up, do not stack, etc.)? Yes No (please specify if yes)
Is repair possible? Yes No
Is there possible scrap or salvage value? Yes No
Photographs are required for customer inspections. Include pictures of damaged goods, exterior of shipping containers, and
interior packaging. Furnish close-ups for detail and zoom out to capture entire container/shipment for bigger picture view of how
entire shipment was affected. Number of pictures provided: __________
Additional information recommended, Invoices, catalogues, any other supporting documentation that will better show or describe
damaged items.
Central Transport Damaged Freight
Claim Inspection Form
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