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Responsibility for Security and Confidentiality of Records and Information
All college information, records and files, including those stored electronically, are property of Lane Community
College. Regulations and responsibility for safeguarding, recording or accessing these records are governed by
policies, procedures, rules and statutes of Lane Community College, State of Oregon, and the United States
By law (including but not limited to FERPA, HIPAA, and Social Security regulations), certain data is confidential and
cannot be released by the college without proper authorization. Each employee is responsible for understanding
the confidentiality requirements of the data to which he/she has access.
Data access is provided to support a user’s official college responsibility, and shall be used only for legitimate College
business. A person who has access to administrative and/or student records shall not:
reveal the content of any confidential record or report to anyone, except in the conduct of that
person's work assignments and in accordance with college policies and procedures;
make or allow any unauthorized use of information;
knowingly include any false, inaccurate or misleading entry in any report or record;
knowingly expunge or modify any data entry from any record, report, or file except as officially
share individual access passwords or PIN numbers with any other person;
remove any official record or report, or copy thereof, from the area where it is maintained, except
in the performance of official duties;
seek personal benefit or allow others to benefit personally from knowledge of college data;
access, modify, or delete their own administrative or student records. All transactions by
employees on their own records or on their own college accounts (examples: payments,
registration, etc) must be conducted in MyLane;
access, modify, or delete the administrative or student records of their family or household
Refer to the College Operating Policies and Procedures (COPPS) at
for additional general policies regarding computer use at Lane.
The confidentiality requirements of this agreement remain in effect for the duration of the employee's work
relationship with Lane Community College, regardless of status or job assignment and survive the employee’s work
relationship with Lane Community College.
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Lane Community College
Information Confidentiality Statement
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