Residential Accessory Building/Structure Application
Applicant’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Applicant’s Phone No.: _______________ Applicant’s Email: ___________________________________
The Applicant is: Owner: _______ Contractor: _______
Jobsite Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Directions to Jobsite: ___________________________________________________________________
Property Owner Information:
Owner(s) Name: _______________________________________________________ Phone: _________
Contractor Information:
Business Name:___________________________________________________ License #_____________
Contact Name: ___________________________________________________ Phone: _______________
Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Check One that applies:
Detached/Attached Garage Carport Storage Building Gazebo/Pergola/Patio Cover
Light Weight Metal Carport/Garage/Storage Bldg. Pre-Fab Wood Storage Bldg.**
(Skip Construction Worksheet)
**R101.2.1 Permitted to be constructed without masonry or concrete foundation if all the following apply: Shall not exceed
400 sq. ft., Building is supported on a wood foundation of a minimum 2x6 or 3x4 mudsill of approved wood and building is
anchored to resist overturning and sliding by installing a minimum of 1 ground anchor at each corner of the building.
Project Cost: _______________
Size of Structure: _______ x ________ and total square feet __________
Is the building/structure located in a flood plain? Yes No
Work Includes: Electrical
Electrical Contractor:________________________________________________ License # ___________
As the owner/contractor, it is my responsibility to ensure all work complies with the current NC State
Building Code, all other applicable state and local laws, ordinances and regulations.
Signature: __________________________________________________________________________
Print Name: _
Inspection Dept Use Only
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Accessory Building/Structure Construction Worksheet
Footing/Foundation System**
Check All that Applies:
Footing: Width (inches): __________ Thickness (inches): __________
Pier footing: Size (inches) _______ X _______ Thickness (inches): __________
Monolithic Slab
Height __________ Unbalanced Fill __________
Thickness of Wall:
6” 8” 10” 12”
Steel Reinforcement:
#4 @_______o.c. #5 @_______” o.c.
#6 @_______” o.c. #7 @_______” o.c.
Pre-cast Foundation (Submit Plans to Building Official)
**Frost Depth: 18” Minimum
N/A Floor Framing System** (if applicable)
Girder: Size ___________ Span: __________
Joist: Size ___________ Spacing __________ o.c. Span: __________
Engineered Floor Trusses
**Girder Table R602.7(1) **Floor Joists Table R502.3.1(2)
N/A Wall System** (if applicable)
Wood Wall height: _________
Wood Stud: Size: __________ Spacing: ________ o.c.
Header: Size:__________ Span:_
**Wall Stud Table R602.3(5) **Header Tables R602.7(1)
N/A Roof Framing System**(if applicable)
Header: Size _______________ Span __________
Rafter: Size ________________ Spacing: __________ o.c. Span: __________
Engineered Roof Trusses
**Header Tables 602.7(1) and(2 **Rafter Tables 802.5.1(1) and (2)