Requirements for the Baccalaureate Minor in Sustainability Policy Studies
The minor in sustainability policy studies is a broad program for students interested in pursuing a deeper
understanding of environmental policies and their impact. Students will encounter cultural, economic, political
and historical contexts for the examination of environmental sustainability policies. It may be pursued by
students in any baccalaureate program, and would be particularly appropriate for students majoring in biology,
business, new media and communications, or those interested in pursuing a career in politics or government,
regardless of major.
Requirement Course Taken Term Passed Grade
POLS 2201: State and Local Government
POLS 3030: Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 3944: Environmental Politics and Policy
HIST 4040: Humans And Their Environment Since 1945
Two of the following courses:
ECON 2105: Macroeconomics
ECON 3175: International Economics
HIST 4740: American Environmental History
IDS 4020: Science, Politics, and Culture
Middle Georgia State University, revised 2020-05-16
Requirements last revised in 2013–14 Undergraduate Catalog