Requirements for the USG Certificate in European Union Studies
Requirement Course Taken Term Passed Grade
EURO 3234: Introduction to the European Union
EURO 4830: EU Studies Capstone
Three additional courses from the elective options listed
below; only two courses can be used from any single
discipline area.
Available electives:
Social Sciences: EURO 4130, EURO 4160, EURO 4530, EURO 4730, EURO 4760, and POLS 3344.
Humanities and Fine Arts: ENGL 4420, ENGL 4500, EURO 4630, HIST 3490, HIST 3511, HIST 4330, HIST
4360, and SPAN 3006.
Business and Economics: EURO 4230 and EURO 4260.
Natural and Health Sciences: EURO 4330 and EURO 4430.
Certificate Distinction Options:
Study abroad, internship (HIST 4895, POLS 4895, or equivalent), or another approved practical experience
related to modern Europe.
Foreign Language Proficiency: at least two upper-division courses in a modern European language other than
Thesis on a suitable topic (HIST 4898, POLS 4898, or equivalent)
Middle Georgia State University, revised 2020-05-16
Requirements last revised in 2019–20 Undergraduate Catalog