Registration for Divorce/Custody
Forms Workshop
Name (as it appears in your court case):
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Please fill in one of the buttons, and complete the information needed:
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e for the class is $10. You may pay this at your local county courthouse, or make arrangements with
us to pay by card. Credit card processing requires an additional $3 fee. Upon proof of payment, we will
schedule you a time for the class.
You will also need to obtain the forms; it’s a good idea to have them before the class. You may buy a
packet of the forms, along with detailed instructions, at the courthouse, or download them here:
Please send this form to Court Assistance:
Fax: (208) 524-7924
The Court Assistance Officer is not representing you, or any of your interests. You should not expect
any confidentiality concerning anything discussed. The Court Assistance Officer may provide
services to the other person/s involved in the same case. The Court Assistance Officer can only give
you information; he cannot give you interpretations of laws or strategies for your case.
you want representation, a confidential consultation, or legal advice, you will need to consult
with a private attorney.