In addition to filling out the name of the company and naming the
officer/owners, the business entity representative (Secretary/Record
Keeper) must complete the certification at the bottom of the page,
sign and list the date the Resolution was passed by the Organization.
App. #: / Loan #:
U.S. Small Business Administration
(print or type Name of Business)
RESOLVED, that the officers/owners of
(name of Business) (hereinafter referred to as “Organization”) named below, or any one of them, or their, or any one of their,
duly elected or appointed successors in office, be and they are hereby authorized and empowered in the name and on behalf
of this Organization to execute and deliver to the Small Business Administration, an agency of the Government of the United
States of America (hereinafter called "SBA"), in the form required by SBA, the following documents:
(a) Application for a loan or loans, the total thereof not to exceed in the principal amount of $_________________, maturing
upon such date or dates and bearing interest at such rate or rates as may be prescribed by SBA; (b) Applications for any renewals
or extensions of all or any part of such loan or loans and of any other loans, heretofore or hereafter made by SBA to this
Organization; (c) the Note or Notes of this Organization evidencing such loan or loans or any renewals or extensions thereof;
and (d) any other Instruments or Agreements of this Organization which may be required by SBA in connection with such
loans, renewals, and/or extensions; and that said officers in their discretion may accept any such loan or loans in installments
and give one or more Notes of this Organization therefore, and may receive and endorse in the name of this Organization any
checks or drafts representing such loan or loans or any such installments; (e) sign Guarantee of loan or loans in the principal
amount of SBA Loan.
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the aforesaid officers/owners or any one of them, or their duly elected or
appointed successors in office, be and they are hereby authorized and empowered to do any acts, including but not limited to
the mortgage, pledge, or hypothecation from time to time with SBA of any or all assets of this Organization to secure such loan
or loans, renewals and extensions, and to execute in the name and on behalf of this Organization or otherwise, any Instruments
or Agreements deemed necessary or proper by SBA, in respect of the collateral securing any indebtedness of this Organization;
FURTHER RESOLVED, that any indebtedness heretofore contracted, and any Contracts or Agreements
heretofore made with SBA on behalf of this Organization, and all acts of officers or agents of this Organization in connection
with said indebtedness or said Contracts or Agreements, are hereby ratified and confirmed.
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the officers/owners referred to in the foregoing resolutions are as follows (add
additional pages, if more than three (3) officers/owners required):
FURTHER RESOLVED, that SBA is authorized to rely upon the aforesaid resolutions until receipt of written
notice of any change.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution regularly presented to and adopted
by the authorized representatives of
(name of Business
Entity) at a meeting duly called and held at which a quorum was present and voted, and that such resolution is duly
recorded in the minute book of this organization; that the officers named in said resolution have been duly elected or
appointed to, and are the present incumbents of, the respective offices set after their respective names.
_________________________________________________ ______________________
Name / Title of Certifier Date Resolution Approved
ODA Form P-022 (08-2021)