OMB Approval No.: 3245-0200
Expiration Date: 04/30/2022
Purpose: The purpose of this form is to document and verify that loan proceeds have been disbursed in
accordance with the Authorization and to document that the Borrower’s contribution has been injected into
the business prior to the Lender disbursing any loan proceeds.
General Instructions: This form may be used for all 7(a) loans and for all disbursements. It must be used for the
first disbursement on all standard 7(a) loans over $350,000.
This form is to be completed by the Lender and signed by the Lender and the Borrower at the time of the initial
loan disbursement. The Lender must retain a copy of the signed form in its loan file. For all disbursements, the
Lender must also retain documentation that is acceptable to SBA (such as joint payee checks, cancelled
checks, paid receipts or invoices, wire transfer account records, etc.) and that evidences compliance with the
Use of Proceeds section of the Authorization.
The Lender must submit the completed form and all supporting documentation to SBA upon request, or, in the
event of a loan default, with the Lender’s request for guaranty purchase.
Providing this information is required to comply with program requirements; failure to provide it when
required may impair the Lender’s ability to collect on the SBA loan guaranty.
If additional space is required to complete the form or provide additional details please attach a separate
Specific Instructions for Completing the Form:
1) In the first section, fill in all identifying information. For “Loan Type,” check the box to indicate whether
the loan is a term loan or a revolving line of credit.
2) Complete the Use of Proceeds” section with information related to the initial disbursement.
a) On the line associated with each applicable use of proceeds, indicate:
i) The name of the payee (must identify the ultimate recipient, not an intermediary such as a title
ii) Amount disbursed; and
iii) Remaining amount to be disbursed, in accordance with theAuthorization.
b) For the “Settlement charges/out of pocket costs” line, insert total amount of settlement charges and
other out of pocket costs in the appropriate field within the grid. Attach an itemized list of all charges
and costs, including the name of payee and amount paid for each charge or cost. Reminder: SBA
Form 159 is required for all fees paid or to be paid by the Lender (except Lender Service Provider fees)
and for all fees paid or to be paid by the Applicant to any agent in connection with the SBA loan
c) For “Other (Explain),” enter any other use of proceeds authorized in the Authorization that is not
already listed in the grid, if applicable.
3) Complete the Borrower’s Injectionsection.
a) For each type of injection, indicate the source.
b) If the Seller contributed toward required equity, attach a copy of the Note and evidence of
full standby for the life of the loan.
c) Note: The Borrower’s Injection must be in the business bank account prior to any
disbursement of loan proceeds.
4) The Lender and the Borrower must review the certification and execute the form in the space provided.
SBA Form 1050 (04-19) Previous Editions Obsolete Page 1 of 2
U.S. Small Business
Settlement Sheet
OMB APPROVAL NO.: 3245-0200
SBA Loan Number Lender Name Lender FIRS Number
SBA Loan Name Note Amount
Loan Type:
Term Loan Line of Credit
Disbursement Type:
First Disbursement Subsequent Disbursement Full Disbursement
Authorized Use of Proceeds: Name of Payee:
Amount Disbursed:
Authorized Amount
Land Acquisition: Raw Improved $ - $ -
$ - $ -
Leasehold Improvements to property owned by others $ - $ -
Machinery & Equipment $ - $ -
Furniture & Fixtures $ - $ -
Inventory Purchase
$ - $ -
Working Capital $ - $ -
Acquire Business (Change of Ownership) $ - $ -
SBA Guarantee Fee $ - $ -
Settlement Charges/Out of Pocket Costs $ - $ -
Other (Explain):
$ - $ -
$ - $ -
Borrower's Injection (including any deposit or earnest money):
Cash Source: $ -
Assets Source: $ -
Seller contribution toward required equity (on full standby for life of loan) $ -
Other (Explain):
$ -
Total Borrower Injection: $ -
At the time of completion of this form, the Lender and the Borrower certify that:
The loan proceeds were disbursed and received and will be used in accordance with the Use of Proceeds section of the Authorization, including any and
all SBA/Lender approved modifications, and that all required equity or Borrower injections have been made in accordance with the Authorization and any
modifications; and
There has been no unremedied adverse change in the Borrower’s or Operating Company’s financial condition, organization, management, operations or assets
since the date of application that would warrant withholding or not making this disbursement or any further disbursement.
At the time of each subsequent disbursement on this loan, the Lender, by disbursing the loan proceeds, and the Borrower by receiving them, are deemed to
certify that the above certifications are true with respect to each and every disbursement made.
By signing below you are certifying that the above statements are accurate to the best of your knowledge. Submitting false information to the Government
may result in criminal prosecution and fines up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years under 18 USC § 1001. Submitting false statements to a Federally
insured institution may result in fines up to $1,000,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 30 years under 18 USC § 1014, penalties under 15 USC § 645, and/or civil fraud
Authorized Lender Official Borrower
Signature: Signature:
Print Name: Print Name:
Title: Title:
Date: Date:
SBA Form 1050 (04-19) Previous Editions Obsolete Page 2 of 2
NOTE: According to the Paperwork Reduction Act, you are not required to respond to this collection of information unless it
displays a currently valid OMB Control Number. The estimated burden for completing this form, including time for reviewing
instructions, and gathering data needed, is 30 minutes. Comments or questions on the burden estimates or other aspects of this
information collection should be sent to U.S. Small Business Administration, Director, RMD, 409 3rd St., SW, Washington DC
20416 and/or SBA Desk Officer, Office of Management and Budget,
New Executive Office Building, Rm. 10202, Washington
DC 20503
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