Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller, Customer Information for FTP Account
Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, Customer Information
for FTP Account
Please provide the following administrative information for your FTP account. The information provided here will be
used to communicate information regarding your account. If we are not able to communicate with you using the
information provided in the form your account will not be created. In addition, 120 days of account inactivity and/or
the inability to communicate using the information provided in this form will result in account de-activation.
The FTP account is to be used for the express purposes listed herein and no other use is permitted without express
written consent. Any use of the FTP account for purposes other than those listed here will result in account de-
For questions regarding this request please contact:
Contact Information
Last name:
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Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Why do you require FTP access?
How frequently will you be accessing this FTP account and at what times of the day?
If you will be uploading files, what is the approximate size of the individual files?
What is your requested setup date?
Do you have any file retention requirements?
Do you require secure (sftp) access?
For how long is this account needed?
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