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Article 6 Section B. General Standards and Criteria for Special Use Permit Review. Please
explain how the Special Use Permit request meets the following review standards and
1. The proposed use shall be: a. in harmony with the adopted Comprehensive Plan; b. in harmony with
the intent and purpose of the zoning district in which the use is proposed to be located; and c. in
harmony with the character of adjacent properties and the surrounding neighborhoods and also with
existing and proposed development.
2. The proposed use shall be adequately served by essential public services such as streets, drainage
facilities, fire protection and public water and sewer facilities:
3. The proposed use shall not result in the destruction, loss or damage of any feature determined to be of
significant ecological, scenic or historic importance:
4. The proposed use shall be designed, sited and landscaped so that the use will not hinder or
discourage the appropriate development or use of adjacent properties and surrounding
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Article 6. Section D. Application Requirements for Special Use Permit.
1. An application for a special use permit shall be made by the owner, contract purchaser with the owner's
written consent, or the owner's agent, of the property on which the proposed use is to be located. The
application shall be submitted to the Director of Planning/Zoning Administrator, and shall be accompanied
by the filing fee as established by the City Council.
2. If the request for a special use permit has been denied by City Council, a request in substantially the
same form shall not be resubmitted within one (1) year of the date of denial.
3. The application shall include the following information:
a. A preliminary site plan in accordance with the Site Plan Regulations.
b. A description of the proposed use and, where applicable, the hours of operation and the proposed
number of employees/patrons.
c. A written statement of proposed project compatibility with the following:
(1.) The Comprehensive Plan.
(2.) The applicable zoning district.
(3.) The surrounding properties.
(4.) Current and future neighborhood conditions.
(5.) Pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns, on-site and off-site.
(6.) Adequate public facilities.
d. When requested by the Director of Planning/Zoning Administrator, the Planning Commission, or the
City Council, the following information shall be provided by the applicant:
(1.) The architectural elevations and floor plans of proposed building(s).
(2.) Traffic impact analysis.
(3.) Fiscal impact analysis.
(4.) Parking and site circulation analysis.
(5.) Photographs of property and surrounding area.
(6.) Environmental impact statement.
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