We cannot accept Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) applications unless the following steps are completed by
the twentieth (20th) day of the prior month. BZA meeting are on the third Thursday of each month. This
timeline assures the City can meet Virginia public notice laws.
1. The applicant attended a pre-application conference with the Zoning Administrator or designated staff;
2. The applicant completed this application;
3. The property owner or a duly authorized (in writing) representative signed this application;
4. The applicant submitted a plot plan drawn to scale showing the actual dimensions and shape of the
property; and the exact size and location all existing and proposed buildings, signs, and required parking
5. The Zoning Administrator certified that the proposed use and construction plans comply with all Zoning
Code provisions, except for the provisions necessitating a variance; and
6. The applicant paid the $206.00 application fee.
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A variance shall be granted if evidence shows that the strict application of the terms of the ordinance would
unreasonably restrict the utilization of the property or that the granting of the variance would alleviate a
hardship due to a physical condition relating to the property or improvements thereon at the time of the
effective date of the ordinance, and:
(i.) The property interest for where the variance is requested was acquired in good faith and any hardship
was not created by the variance applicant;
(ii.) Granting the variance will not be of substantial detriment to adjacent property and nearby properties in the
surrounding geographic area;
(iii.) The subject property’s condition or situation is not of such general or recurring nature as to make
reasonably practicable the formulation of a general regulation to be adopted as an ordinance amendment;
(iv.) Granting the variance does not result in a use that is not otherwise permitted on such property or change
the zoning classification of the property; and
(v.) The variance application relief or remedy sought is not available through a special exception process that
is authorized in City Code Chapter 41, Article 6 or the process for zoning ordinance amendment in City
Code Chapter 41, Article 4 at the time of variance application filing.
The BZA may impose conditions regarding the location, character, and other features of
proposed buildings and use it deems necessary in the public interest and may require a
performance guarantee or bond to insure compliance.
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Variance Request Description:
I (we) appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance permitting the action described above in that:
i. Explain how you did not create the hardship you need a variance to overcome:
ii. Explain how granting the variance will not negatively impact your neighbors and properties close by:
iii. Explain why the hardship on your property is unique and not something that affects similar properties in
the same zoning district.
iv. Explain why granting the variance will not result in a use that is not otherwise allowed on the property or
a change in the property’s zoning classification.
v. The relief or remedy sought by the variance application is not available with a Special Use Permit.
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