Zoning Ordinance Article 3.R.C.1. No zoning, site plan, subdivision plat, or building permit shall be issued for
the erection, reconstruction, exterior alteration, restoration, rehabilitation, razing, relocation or demolition of any
building, structure, signs, fences, walls, light fixtures, accessory buildings, pavements, grading, site
improvements, significant landscaping features or other appurtenant element in an HP-O District unless and
until such building or site element has been approved by the issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness by
the Commission of Architectural Review for the City.
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CAR Meeting Date:
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Parcel ID #:
Existing Zoning:
Property Location (address/ID#):
Applicant’s Address:
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Describe Proposed Improvements:
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Zoning Ordinance Article 3.R.C.6. Application Submission Requirements:
In consideration of a complete application, the Planning Director and the Review Commission may require
any or all the following information and any other
materials as may be deemed necessary for its review:
A. Statement of proposed use and user.
B. Statement of estimated construction time.
C. Photographs and maps relating proposed use to the surrounding property and/or the corridor on
which it is located.
D. Site plan drawings, prepared to meet the City site development plan submission requirements for a
Preliminary Site Plan or Preliminary Subdivision Plat, and other exhibits showing the location of the
existing and proposed building and site improvements, including:
1. Existing property boundaries, building placement and site configuration;
2. Existing topography and proposed grading;
3. Location of parking, pedestrian access, signage, exterior lighting, fencing and other site
4. Relationship to adjacent land uses;
5. Proposed site improvements, including location of parking, access, signage, exterior lighting,
fencing, buildings and structures and other appurtenant elements;
6. Proposed building color and materials;
7. Relationship of building and site elements to existing and planned corridor development;
8. Relationship of parking, pedestrian facilities, and vehicular accessways to existing and planned
corridor development; and
9. Other site plans and subdivision plats as may be required by Danville for development approval
E. Architectural drawings showing plan view and elevations of new planned construction or renovations,
including drawings of original building.
F. A landscaping and buffer plan.
G. Designs for exterior signing, lighting, and graphics, to include description of materials, colors,
placement and means of physical support, lettering style and sign messages.
H. Graphic exhibits depicting compliance with other design elements.