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Online Bachelor of
Science in Criminal Justice
Departmental Application for Admission
Offered through a partnership between the College of Continuing Education and the College of Social
Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies at Sacramento State
This is an initial departmental application for admission to the bachelors degree program in criminal justice. If you are
approved for formal admission into the program, you will be required to complete a California State University Application for
Admission. Admission fees include a $55 university admission fee submitted online, and a $50 departmental application fee.
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Primary Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________________________
Secondary Phone: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Have you ever attended or applied to Sacramento State? Yes No
Do you live within 35 miles of the Sacramento State campus? Yes No
If you marked YES then please also submit a Personal Statement, about a paragraph in length, explaining why you need the online
version of the program to complete your Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice as opposed to the in-person version on the main campus.
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Please include the names of all colleges and universities attended, even if no course work was completed. ATTACH A
COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPT FOR EACH SCHOOL ATTENDED. Unofficial copies of transcripts are sufficient for your initial
application. Official transcripts are not required for initial advising, but they are required for admission to Sacramento State.
Institution Enrolled From/To Units Completed
Signature of Applicant: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________
Required Application Materials:
• Departmental application
• Copy of college transcripts
• Resume
• Personal statement
Spring application deadline: December 1
Fall application deadline: July 1
The $50 departmental application fee is due with all required admission documents, prior to your admission
into the program.
The $55 university admission fee is due at the same time you are completing your formal online application
to Sacramento State.
No fees required for the initial evaluation.
Please return your Criminal Justice Departmental Application to
Fax (916) 278-3685
Sacramento State
College of Continuing Education
ATTN: Criminal Justice Degree Program
3000 State University Drive
Sacramento, CA 95819
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Student Demographic Survey
1. Please identify your gender:
❏Prefer Not to State
2. Please identify your age:
❏18-24 years old
❏25-34 years old
❏35-44 years old
❏45-54 years old
❏55+ years old
3. Please identify your ethnic origin and/or race:
❏Black or African American
❏Native American or American Indian
❏Asian or Pacic Islander
❏Hispanic or Latino
❏Prefer Not to State
4. Please identify your highest degree or level of education:
❏High School Diploma or GED
❏Some College
❏Associates Degree
❏Bachelors Degree
❏Masters Degree
❏Professional Degree
❏Doctorate Degree
5. What is your employment status?
6. Are you currently attending Sacramento State?
7. Have you attended Sacramento State in the past?
8. Are you a first generation college student?
9. Are you an ESL student?
The College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State is committed to providing equal opportunity in education. A critical
element of our commitment to diversity lies in our ability to collect and assess student demographic data. Your response to the
voluntary student demographic information would be very helpful and much appreciated: