AU 4/2015
A Petition for Special Consideration may be submitted for the following reasons:
1. To delete penalty grade(s) assigned due to failure to complete a course(s) for medical reasons
Medical verification is required. If approved, grade(s) will be changed to "W"
2. To correct errors made by academic departments. Department verification is required
3. To correct registration errors. Documentation is required
4. To add course and grade to prior semester. Department or university error must be documented
5. To extend one year time limit for completing an incomplete grade
Petitions must be submitted within one year from the end of the semester in which the original
grade was assigned in the case of grade deletion or extension of incompletes; or within one year
from the end of the semester in which the grade is to be added.
Instructor and department chair recommendations are required on all Petitions.
Earned grades (those based on evaluation of a student's performance in the course) cannot be
deleted through the ASC. The appropriate way to delete an earned grade is to repeat the course.
Petitions approved for medical withdrawal will have a withdrawal date posted. Fees due or past due will be recalculated
based in this date. Financial aid SAP will also be determined based on this date.
Students receiving “I” grades have one year to complete the course requirements and earn a grade.
If the "I" is not completed within one year, it will convert to an "F" and cannot be deleted.
Extensions of incomplete grades with instructor and department chair approval are usually granted
for one semester beyond the one year expiration. Students requesting more than one additional
semester to complete the course must have written justification as to why more time is needed.
In most cases, if a Petition is approved for deletion of grade, the grade will not be erased from a student’s permanent
record. The units will be discounted from the GPA, the student’s academic status updated and “grade deleted by
Petition” noted on the permanent record. Deleting a grade does not remove any outstanding fees past due.
The Academic Standards Committee will not consider grade appeals, general education substitution waivers, or first
“WU” grade deletions. Other procedures are in place to accommodate these requests.
All completed Petitions are to be submitted to the Student Services Counter located in the Lassen Hall lobby area or the
Registrar’s Office, Lassen Hall 2000.
Failure to submit Petitions with signatures and verification or
documentation will delay the Committee’s decision.
The Committee meets approximately once a month during the academic year.
You will be notified via mail regarding the decision of your Petition.
AU 4/2015
Name _________________,_________________________ Student ID Number ______________________
Last First MI
Address ________________________________________ Day Telephone Number ___________________
________________________________________ CSUS Graduation Date ___________________
City State Zip
Email Address(es) __________________________________________________________________________
I. Special Consideration Request (check appropriate box)
Delete Course ___________________ Grade ______ from Semester and Year ___________________
Add Course _____________________ Grade ______ to Semester and Year _____________________
Extend Incomplete Deadline _________________ Semester and Year course taken ________________
Other _______________________________________________________________________________
II. Reason for Request (attach verification and documentation)
Student’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date _______________________
III. Instructor and Department Chair Recommendations
Approved Denied Instructor’s Signature ____________________________ Date ______________
List course to be added __________________ *Grade ______ Semester ____________________ Units _____
* Must be filled in by instructor of record.
Comments ________________________________________________________________________________
Approved Denied Department Chair’s Signature _____________________ Date ______________
Comments ________________________________________________________________________________
IV. Academic Standards Committee Action
Granted Denied By ____________________________________ (Chair of ASC) Date___________
Action taken _______________________________________________________________________________
Record posted by ___________ Date ____________