Notification of intention to resubmit an assessment
This notification of intention to resubmit an assessment form must be submitted within 48 hours of the graded
assignment being posted to FLO. Refer to the Assessment Variation Procedures
regarding the resubmission of failed
Please complete this form and email it to your Topic Coordinator.
Note: We recommend saving a copy of this form in a safe place for your records prior to submitting it.
When you resubmit your assessment, please note you will also need to include a completed Resubmission proforma.
Student details:
By submitting this form, I certify that the information below is true and correct:
First name:
Student ID:
Topic code:
Topic name:
Topic coordinator:
Tutor name (if applicable)
Assessment number and/or title:
By su
bmitting this notification, I confirm that the failed assessment activity has a 20% or greater weighting, and I
meaningfully attempted the assessment activity (i.e. I have made a tangible attempt to address the
requirements of the assessment activity), and
submitted the assessment activity by the due date (either the original due date or an extended/deferred due
date), and
not already received an opportunity for formal feedback on a draft of the assessment activity or completed a
similar assessment set as a scaffolded activity to the final assessment, or
not received answer guides as part of the feedback.
received a mark for the assignment less than 48 hours ago.
se outline your plans for improving your resubmitted assessment:
(Incorporate any feedback you may have received from the original assignment. E.g. better library search for appropriate
articles, better organisation of wording and/or paragraphs in the assessment, use of more professional language etc.)
Notes for Topic Coordinators
If a Notification of intention to resubmit as assessment form is received and the assessment has been facilitated by
the FLO assignment tool, please follow these steps (refer to the FLO staff support pages
for instructions):
Allow another attempt for this student
Set a new due date for one week after the return of the original submission
Check the maximum number of uploaded files setting allows for the inclusion of the Resubmission proforma
If a Notification of intention to resubmit an assessment form is received and the assessment is NOT facilitated by the
FLO assignment tool, either:
Make appropriate arrangements with the student (eg. verbal presentation, performance, etc.)
Contact your Learning Designer
for advice on facilitating resubmission in other FLO tools (eg. quiz)