Milestone and Presentation Checklist for HDR students at Flinders University
he below checklist may be useful to you when completing one of your required HDR Milestones:
lestone Checklist:
Have you reviewed the requirements of HDR Milestones
Have you read your College Milestone Guide?
Have you read the HDR Progression Proceduresspecifically section 4 Progression
Milestones: time-based research candidature’?
ave you finalised the work you will be submitting for this milestone? ie. Confirmation o
andidature requires a completed Research Proposal.
Have you submitted your work for the HDR milestone to Turnitin
and downloaded and saved
the similarity report ready for upload into your milestone?
ave you updated your completion plan
to upload into your Milestone form in Inspire?
resentation Check Points (not required for Interim Milestones)
ave you finalised the title of your Presentation?
Have you booked your presentation time and invited:
Your supervisors
College Delegate (if required) and
Assessors (if requiredrefer to college milestone guidelines)
Have you provided your written work to your assessors in advance of the presentation?
(at least a week in advance)