Local Work Health and Safety Induction Checklist *
WHS Induction Checklist - 2018
checklist will assist Managers/ Supervisors to ensure that general WHS information is provided.
All new staff (Academic, Professional, Casuals) and Research Higher Degree Students
are required to complete this Local Work Health and Safety Induction.
Emergency, First Aid and Security Provisions
Emergency procedures - including medical and fire alarm Emergency procedures -
Flinders University & Emergency evacuation videos
Shown location of emergency exits, emergency posters and assembly points
Wardens for the buildingChief Wardens
Advised the of name local First Aiders
Security on relevant campus/site - specify if not Bedford Park
24/7 Security number for Bedford Park is (8201 2880)
General Work Health & Safety
Work Health and Safety web sitecovers policy, procedures and checklists
Reporting of accident/ incidents and hazards via FlinSafe
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) – staff only Health & Counselling - students
Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) - staff
What to do if you sustain a Workplace Injury - Recovery & Return to Work - staff
Health and Wellbeing staff only
WHS Unit contacts
Additional Instruction, Training or Competencies
Additional instruction, training or competencies maybe required prior to undertaking
the work. The Supervisor/ Managers must make sure that any relevant instruction/
training/ or licensing is identified, completed and recorded. See WHS training for
further information or log onto iEnrol (safety training is located under EO & WHS).
Training should be recorded as part of training plan
Job Specific Work Health & Safety Information
Area/ Job specific hazards relevant to your work must be covered by your supervisor
and they must explain controls required to work safely. Examples of hazards may
include, but is not limited to:
Location of health and safety information such as Risk Assessments and Safe
Work Procedures.
Office Ergonomics including completed Self-Assessment for Workstations
Manual Handling (repetitive or Hazardous Manual Tasks)
Plant and tools location of Risk Assessments and Safe Work Procedures
Hazardous Chemicals Chemwatch, Safety Data Sheets, location of Risk
Assessments and Safe Work Procedures explained.
Driving, Field trips or International Travel outlined.
Diving or Boating Operations
Electrical safety
Other Hazards (List):
Work in higher risk areas e.g. Laboratories, workshops,
Access - Entry/ Exit Procedures discussed
Personal Protective Equipment that maybe required
Emergency response e.g. spill kits, safety showers, emergency shut
Specific hazards identified in the area/ job:
Hazardous Chemicals
Biological/ Biosafety
Plant safety e.g. Pressure, High voltage, rotating, noisy
Other (list)
Supervisor to retain
all signed sheets.
Signed (Supervisor or
Signed (Staff
Need More Information?
Book an appointment with your Area WHS Contact whs@flinders.edu.au
call WHS Unit- 82013024
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InductionExplanatory notes for Work Health & Safety Checklist
The supervisor/manager is responsible for induction of all new staff & Research Higher
Degree Students. They must ensure the WHS Induction Checklist is completed and a
record maintained.
The University New Staff Induction
in FLO covers generic WHS information including WHS
systems, roles and responsibilities and how to report accident / incidents and hazards. It must
be completed by all new staff it does not replace this Local Area Induction Checklist
elegation of Induction Process
Supervisors can delegate to other staff members responsibility for general aspects of the
induction (includes Emergency, First Aid and Security and General WHS information)
however the supervisor remains responsible for ensuring that the process is completed.
upervisors Responsibilities
upervisors are responsible for informing new staff, students and others about the local work
area and advising of any hazards associated with the area/work/research/ study. This should
include identifying any controls that are to be used to allow the work to be undertaken safely.
isk Assessments and any relevant Safe Work Procedures or safety documentation must
also be discussed.
Staff members who have delegated authority to conduct aspects of induction must have the
relevant knowledge and technical expertise where necessary.