Employee Notice of Resignation
Complete the below information and provide this form to your supervisor to process your resignation.
Helpful information:
In the position fields below, indicate all positions from which you are resigning.
If you wish to continue in or be considered for either a coach or a classified/certified substitute position, contact
HR Customer Care at 720.433.0140 prior to your last day of work.
If this form is received by the 10
of the month, final pay will be processed with the regular payroll
cycle. Direct deposit may not happen with final pay. Check your Workday payslip for pay stub
Insurance coverage generally ends at the end of the month in which you resign. COBRA information
will be mailed to you.
Return all District property, keys, access cards, ID badges, laptops, Ipads, Chrome Books, etc.
For benefit and payroll questions, visit the District website.
For PERA related questions, visit www.copera.org
Employee ID
Provide your reason for resignation (check one):
____Continuing Education
____Moving Outside of Douglas County
____Unable to meet work schedule
____Career Advancement Opportunity
____Career Change Opportunity
____Conflict with Supervisor
____Conflict with District
____Work Does not Match Skill Set
____Not Sufficient Training
____Better Pay
____Better Benefits
____Family Reasons
____Personal Reasons
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