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Simple Subdivision
Adopted by the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners
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Section 1. Definitions. A simple subdivision is a division of one (1) parcel into two (2) parcels, either of
which is under thirty-five (35) acres and not part of a previously platted subdivision. A simple subdivision
provides for an adequate public record of the division, in a less complicated process than a major
Section 2. Minimum requirements for a Simple Subdivision Permit
1) There is legal access to a public street.
2) If the current access is part of an existing Improvement and Service District, the new lot will be
required to join the Improvement and Service District.
3) All utility easement requirements have been satisfied. See Chapter 7 Section 12.
4) The lot sizes must comply with current zoning regulations.
5) The applicant shall provide a study evaluating the water and sewage system proposed for the
subdivision and the adequacy and safety of that system. See Appendix O - Sewage System and
Appendix P - Water Supply System.
6) Proof of Ownership required.
7) The subdivision is consistent with Natrona County Development Plan and the Natrona County Zoning
8) The subdivision appears to be compatible with the surrounding area, not detrimental to the future
development of the area, and not detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the inhabitants of the
area and the county.
Section 3. Survey Requirements
A) A Record of Survey shall accompany or be referenced by all deeds recorded in the Office of the
Natrona County Clerk that create a Simple Subdivision. The Record of Survey shall comply with the
requirements of Appendix M of these standards and regulations.
Section 4. Review Process
A) A "Simple Subdivision Application Form" shall be submitted to the County Development Department
(See Appendix B).
B) A recorded warranty deed shall be submitted by the owner.
C) The application and survey are submitted to the Health Department, County Surveyor and Assessor's
Mapping Department for review.
D) The record of survey shall be approved by the County Development Department, Surveyor, and Health
E) The County Development Director shall waive the record of survey requirements when aliquot
parts are created such as when all parcels created by the division are either section quarters or
quarter-quarters or are government resurvey lot or tracts or combination of these.
F) The Development Department staff shall submit a report of simple subdivision recorded to the
Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) at regular interval.
G) No Simple Subdivision will be approved if there is a deliberate attempt to avoid the requirements of
Wyoming Statute 18-5-306.
1) Records of survey to be recorded shall be legibly drawn, printed, or reproduced with permanent ink, and
shall be a minimum of eleven inches by seventeen inches (11 X 17). Records of survey to be filed shall be
legibly drawn, printed, or reproduced with permanent ink and shall meet the requirements of W.S. 33-29-139.
2) One (1) signed reproducible copy of a stable base shall be submitted.
3) Whenever more than one (1) sheet must be used to accurately portray the land divided or property
boundaries realigned, each sheet must show the number of that sheet, and the total number of sheets
included. All certifications shall be shown or referenced on one (1) sheet.
4) The Record of Survey shall show or contain on its face, or on separate sheets referenced on its face, the
following information:
A) A title block including the township, range, principal meridian, County, and State of the surveyed land.
Space shall be provided on the Record of Survey for the clerk and recorder's filing information.
B) North arrow.
C) Scale or Scale bar.
D) All monuments found, set, reset, replaced or removed describing their kind, size, location and giving
other data related thereto.
E) The location of any corners of sections or divisions of sections pertinent to the survey.
F) The grid or geodetic bearings, distances, and curve data of all perimeter boundary lines shall be
G) At least two north/east coordinates (State Plane Wyoming East Central Zone, NAD83, NAVE88, US
Survey Foot) shall be provided for the control points in the submitted final plat. If obtainable, one of
the tie points should be a section, quarter or quarter/quarter corner monument with its coordinates
H) Data on all curves sufficient to enable the re-establishment of the curves on the ground.
I) Lengths of all lines shown to at least one-hundredth (1/100) of a foot, and all angles and bearings
shown to at least the nearest second.
J) All parcels created by the survey, designated by number or letter, and the dimensions and area of each
parcel (Excepted parcels shall be marked "Not a Part"); and roads.
K) Provide the convergence angle and combine factor for these points referenced on the plat.
L) The signature and seal of the Professional Land Surveyor responsible for the survey.
Platted lot splits shall include the following additional information:
1) Location of all structures and small waste systems on all parcels, if any;
2) Location and dimensions of the lot to be split;
3) Proper monumentation.
Record of Survey shall be signed by the Owner(s), the County Development Planner, and the County Surveyor.
1) Survey and Monumentation.
A) Survey plat description of the perimeter of the proposed subdivision including ties to existing section
monuments of record and description of monuments.
B) Permanent reference monuments shall be set on the external boundary of the subdivision and for all
lot and block corners.
C) Subdivision boundary control and monumentation shall, unless otherwise modified herein, comply
with the most recent applicable portions of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Registered
Professional Land Surveyors (BOPELS). Accuracy of surveys shall be such that closures better than
one part in ten thousand are obtained for the perimeter.
D) Where section lines or section subdivision lines form part of the boundaries of the Public Land
Survey System (PLSS), the pertinent detailed information shall be shown on the plat.
2) Certification and Approval Statements. All signatures shall be made in black drawing ink.
I, (Surveyor's Name) ____________________________________________, a Professional Land Surveyor,
License No. _______________, do hereby certify that this plat was made from notes taken during an actual
survey made under my direct supervision during (date)_____________________, and that this plat, to the best
of my knowledge and belief, correctly and accurately represents said survey.
Surveyor's Signature Surveyor's Stamp
Surveyor's Name, P.L.S No., and Expiration Date
The applicant for any subdivision permit shall submit proof of ownership to the Development Department.
This proof of ownership shall meet the following criteria:
A) The subdivided land is free of all encumbrances and that the person who offers any part of the
subdivision for sale or who solicits any offers for the purchase thereof, directly or through agents, may
convey merchantable title, subject only to noted reservation or restrictions of record, but free from
encumbrances and subject only to a proportionate share of real property taxes or assessments
charged or assessed for the year in which any such sale may be legally effected; or
B) Binding arrangements have been made by the person who offers any part of the subdivision for sale,
directly or through an agent, to assure purchasers of any part of the subdivision that upon full
payment of the purchase price a deed can and will be delivered conveying merchantable titles
subject to noted reservations or restrictions of record and free of encumbrances not specifically
assumed by the purchaser, subject only to a proportionate share of such taxes and assessments
thereon as may be levied or assessed for the year in which such sale may be legally affected.
C) If mortgaged, mortgagee must sign the plat. A contract for deed purchaser, must sign with the owner
of record.
Application Form
A simple subdivision is a division of one parcel into two parcels, either of which is under 35 acres and not part
of a previously platted subdivision. Provides for an adequate public record of the division, in a less complicated
process than a major subdivision.
This is an application for a simple subdivision on the parcel of land described hereon. Citizens are encouraged
to discuss their application with an appropriate member of the Development Department. All documentation
must be complete.
* A completed application form. Answer all portions and type or print your answers. Attach additional
pages, if needed.
* A record of survey - See Appendix M, Natrona County Subdivision Regulations.
(The County Development Director shall waive the record of survey requirement when aliquot parts
are crested such as when all parcels created by the division are either section quarters or
quarter-quarters or are government resurvey lot or tracts or combinations of these.)
* A copy of the warranty deed is required.
* Application fee, as determined by the Board of County Commissioner Resolution. The County
Surveyor fees shall be reimbursed prior to recording of the Subdivision plat. In cases where the
subdivision is not approved, withdrawn, or not recorded, the applicant is still responsible for
reimbursement of County Surveyor fees. These fees are in addition to the recording fees.
Applicant Name:
Applicant Address:
Applicant Phone:
Owner Name:
Owner Address:
Owner Phone:
Explain why you are requesting the simple subdivision, detail the proposed use:
Legal description, acreage and PID (Parcel Identification Number):
Current Zoning of property:
Type of sewage disposal: Public Septic Holding Tank Other
Source of Water:
This property was purchased from:
The date this property was purchased:
I (We) hereby certify that I (We) have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and
correct to the best of our knowledge. Granting this request does not presume to give authority to violate or
cancel the provision of any other State or local laws. Falsification or misrepresentation is grounds for voiding
this request, if granted. All information within, attached to or submitted with this application shall become part
of the public record. I (We) further understand that all application fees are non-refundable.
Applicant: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Owner: ___________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Print Name:_______________________________________
Print Name:_______________________________________
I (We) are aware that the County Surveyor fees must be reimbursed to the Development
Department prior to the recording of the Subdivision plat. In the event the Subdivision is not
approved, withdrawn, or not recorded, we are still responsible for the County Surveyor fees.