General Information, Instructions and Application Form
(ref. Chapter VI, section 12, and Chapter x, 2000 Zoning Resolution)
The intent and purpose of the PUD District is to establish a flexible procedure for
lots of land which are to be planned and developed as a whole; using a unified
design, encouraging creative methods, and a mixture of uses or design patterns
not permitted in any other established zoning district. It is further the intent of this
district to encourage the proper planning and design of these areas by providing
for submission of concept plans and specific development plans by prospective
developers. Land zoned PUD may be used for residential, business or industrial
purposes, or certain combinations thereof, as approved by the Commission and
Buildings may be clustered and/or set on lots of a size smaller than normally
required by the Resolution and which may result in an overall density the same
or slightly greater than is required by this resolution, but which contains large
open park -
like area with building concentrated in a few areas. Individual
properties may be owned in fee with joint ownership of the open space.
Please refer to the Natrona County Zoning Resolution for more detailed
information regarding the requirements for a Planned Unit Development.
County Development Department
An application for a PUD will not be accepted until the applicant has met with the
County Development Department to discuss the proposal. The purpose of this
“pre-application conference” is to inform the applicant of the requirements for
submission of a PUD application and the estimated time frame for review. As a
PUD project may involve complex issues, applicants are encouraged to engage
the services of a professional planning or engineering firm with relevant
experience before submitting an application.
An application for a PUD
is first reviewed by the
County Development
Department. The Department meets with the applicant, conducts an on-site
inspection of the property, gathers information from various sources, and submits
a report and recommendation to the Natrona County Planning and Zoning
Commission, including reasons why a particular recommendation is being made
and a set of contingencies should approval be recommended.
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Planning and Zoning Commission
The Planning and Zoning Commission is a five - member volunteer board,
appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Planning and
Zoning Commission holds a public hearing on the PUD application, considers
the report from the County Development Department, and receives testimony
regarding the application. After considering this information, the Planning and
Zoning Commission takes the following action:
Recommend approval of the application as submitted to the Board of
County Commissioners,
Recommend approval of the application, subject to such modifications o
conditions as it deems necessary, to the Board of County Commissioners.
Table the application to a date specific. Or
Recommend denial of the application to the Board of County
Commissioners. With the applicant’s express permission, the Commission
may table the application indefinitely or dismiss the application.
Board of County Commissioners
The Board of County Commissioners is a five - member elected board,
representing the citizens of Natrona County and setting forth the polices of the
Natrona County government. The Board of County Commissioners holds a
public hearing on the application, considers the report
from the
Development Department and action of the Planning and
Zoning Commission,
and receives public testimony regarding the application.
information, the Board of County Commissioners takes the
following action:
After considering this
Approve the application as recommended by the Planning and Zoning
Approve the application as submitted.
Approve the application on its own conditions,
Deny the application,
Remand the application to the Planning and Zoning Commission for
reconsideration, or
Table the application to a date specific. With the express consent of the
applicant, the applicant’s express permission, the Board of County
Commissioners may table the application indefinitely or dismiss the
Requirement for Additional Information
Either the Commission or the Board may require the applicant to furnish
additional information so that the Commission or the Board or both can make a
more informed decision. The information requested may include, but not be
limited to, geotechnical reports, percolation tests, water analyses, and traffic
studies. Such studies are to be provided at the sole expense of the applicant.
Submission of Specific Development Plan
If the Board approves the proposal, the developer shall than submit a specific
development plan consisting of engineering, architectural, landscaping and site
plans for review by the County Building Inspector, County Surveyor, County
Health department, County Planner and the Commission. The concept plan
approved by the Board Shall not be altered unless the developer requests said
alteration, in writing, to the Board and submits and altered concept plan for
consideration by the Commission and the Board.
If the development is constructed in stages, the total area shall be reviewed at
the public hearings and each successive stage shall require the submission of a
specific development plan consisting of engineering, architectural, landscaping
and site plans, for review and approval by the County Building Inspectors,
County Surveyor, County Health Department, County Planner and the
Commission. Stages and estimated time of completion must be submitted on or
with the concept of the plan.
The specific development plan, as approved by the Commission, shall be binding
and shall not be altered during the construction of the PUD, except as hereinafter
set forth.
Minor alteration in location, siting, alignment or bulk of structures, placement or
type of plant material, change in grade, height or character of structures; or other
similar alterations may be authorized by the County Planner if required by
circumstances not foreseen at the time the specific development plan was
All other alterations in use, intent, rearrangement of lots, realignment of major
circulation patterns, density levels, provisions governing common or open spaces
or the radius thereof, or any other alterations that substantially change the PUD,
must be approved by the Commission at the public hearing for which public
notice is given. The same type and quality of data shall be required as was
necessary for the original final approval and passage.
When acting upon a PUD application, the Planning and Zoning Commission
and the
Board of County Commissioners
shall be guided by the Intent and
Purpose, and Goals and Policies provisions of the Zoning Resolution. In
addition, for the following requirements apply for PUDs:
1) Areas zoned PUD must be suitable for the development proposed without
creating hazards to persons or property on or off the site from probability
of flooding, erosion, subsidence or slipping of the soil; and other dangers,
annoyances or inconveniences. Areas must be compatible with the
Natrona County Development Plan and Map; the Natrona County Land
Use goals and policies; and the Constraints Overlay section of this
Resolution (Physical Character of the Site).
2) Areas zoned PUD must have direct access to streets, roads or highways
with a minimum 60’ right-of-way, without creating traffic problems on
streets or roads outside the PUD. Areas zoned PUD must be so located
in relation to existing or extendible utilities and public services that no
additional public expense will be involved, or the developer must offset
added public expense (Location Requirements).
3) Areas zoned PUD must comply with the following design standards:
i. Encouragement of land use concepts not otherwise permitted in
another established zoning district, such as: cluster development,
open space and scenic preservation, provision of community areas
or a unique and compatible mixture of uses.
ii. Must provide a minimum of usable open space which is free from
structures or off-street parking areas per the following, unless found
reducible upon proof submitted:
A. Residential only: 20% of the total site area
B. Business only: 10% of the total site area
C. Industrial only: 5% of the total site area
D. Residential/Business combination: 20% of the total site
E. Business/Industrial combination: 10% of the total site area
iii. Must comply with established parking area and loading and
unloading area provisions that would be necessary for the
equivalent amount of individual development, as required in the
parking and loading sections of this Resolution, unless found
reducible upon proof submitted by the developer that effectiveness
of large-scale development may permit such reduction without
destroying the intent of this Resolution.
iv. Must provide landscaping appropriate to the development.
v. Access points to arterial streets must be approved, in writing, by the
County and other appropriate agencies.
vi. Must use buffer area of open spaces or planted screens between
abrupt changes of land use within the development.
vii. May use a higher density than normally allowed in similar districts,
if determined by the Commission, providing said density does not
destroy the intent of this Resolution and is warranted by the
creative design of the development.
viii.Must meet other conditions, applicable to a particular development
and as determined by the Commission.
ix. Must initiate construction within one year after approval of the
concept plan by the Board or the applicant must submit a written
request for an extension to the Board. Extensions may be granted
up to one year. If construction is not initiated within the time limit,
the subject property may be initiated for rezoning by the
This is an application for a zone change to Planned Unit Development on the
parcel of land described hereon. By completing the application form and
providing the other requested information, your application will be acted upon in
the fastest, fairest manner prescribed by law. Citizens are encouraged to
discuss their application with an appropriate member of the Development
Department. All applications must be complete.
1. A completed application form. Answer all portions and type or print your
answers. Attach additional pages, if needed.
2. The names and mailing addresses of all adjacent property owners. You may
submit a letter from the adjacent owners indicating their support of your
3. Proof of ownership -copy of recorded deed. The owner of record must sign
this application for the application to be valid.
4. A completed Erosion Control Plan.
5. A completed Site Plan.
6. Any other information or materials relevant to the application or as requested
by the Development Department.
Please plan on attending the public hearing and/or having a representative
present. The Natrona County Planning and Zoning Commission meetings
are held at 5:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at 200 North
Center Street, in District Courtroom #1, in the old County Courthouse,
Casper, WY.
If you wish to have this request considered by ____________________, you
must have the completed application filed in the County Planning Office no later
than 4:30 p.m. on _______________________.
I (We), the undersigned, do hereby petition the Board of County Commissioners of Natrona County,
Wyoming, for a REZONE TO PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT, as provided in chapter VI, Section 12, 2000
Natrona Zoning Resolution.
Applicant Name:
Applicant Address:
Owner Phone:
Owner Name:
Owner Address:
Applicant Phone:
Legal description and size of property (If within a platted subdivision, give subdivision name, block and lot
number. If not within a platted subdivision, give quarter-section, section, township and range):
Current Zoning of Property:
Type of sewage disposal: Public
Holding Tank
Source of Water:
This property was purchased from:
The date this property was purchased:
I (We) hereby certify that I (We) have read and examined this application and know the same to be true and
correct to the best of my (our) knowledge. Granting this request does not presume to give authority to
violate or cancel the provisions of any State or Local laws. Falsification or misrepresentation is grounds for
voiding this request, if granted. All information within, attached to or submitted with this application shall
become part of the public record. I (We) further understand that all application fees are non-refundable.
: _______________________________________ Date: ______________
Print Applicant Name: ____________________________________________
: _______________________________________ Date: ______________
Print Owner
Name: _____________________________________
Please submit the following information:
A) Proof of ownership and a legal description of all land to be included in the
B) The general anticipated architectural theme and building type(s)
distinguishing the general uses proposed.
C) The approximate acreage or square footage of each general use proposed.
D) The potion and location of land to be retained for open space.
E) The portion and location of land to be retained for public purposes, such as
schools and fire stations.
F) Provisions to be made for water, water waste, solid waste disposal and road
G) Evaluation of the impact on County services and steps to mitigate those
H) Provisions to be made for access to the PUD.
I) A written statement of the objectives to be achieved by the PUD.
J) A general statement of anticipated gross density levels within each proposed
land use category. For residential uses, density shall be determined by
number of residential units per acre. For commercial and industrial uses,
density shall be determined by gross floor area.