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December 2017
Ongoing anti-social
behaviour of youths in south
Lowestoft that are causing
issues in the community.
Police officers and PCSOs
in the SNT are working
together to identify those
responsible and are making
progress with a possible
The SNT have continued their work around the spate of cycle
thefts in and around the town centre of Lowestoft.
PCSOs and PCs have been performing high visibility patrols
around Lowestoft College, the Sixth Form and town centre to
not only offer reassurance but to challenge those that are
acting suspiciously around bikes in these areas.
This operation is ongoing and the police are reminding cycle
owners to please use appropriate locks when securing their
cycles. More information on how to keep your cycle safe can
be found on the next page.
New Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Officer 1396 Chris
Groom joined our team on Friday 1st December. PC Groom has
been working closely with his new team to assist with
surveillance installation applications to help identify suspects
linked to a number of crimes.
The SNT were part of the major incident response exercise that
took place at Pleasurewood Hills and Lowestoft Hospital on
Tuesday 28th November. Ambulances, fire engines. police
helicopters and military aircraft were all part of the training
exercise. SNT officers were out on high visibility patrols
reassuring the public and preventing any issues created by the
Wednesday 13th December-
PCSO Surgery. Kessingland
Library 14:00 PCSO Ledbetter
Friday 8th December- Late
night shopping, London Road
North. Until 8pm
Preventing, Reducing and Solving Crime and ASB
This SNT covers the following parishes
Cycle Security
> Invest in a good quality lock for your bicycle – D locks are the most effective and a worthwhile
> Use a lock to secure the bike-stand, wheel rim and frame together – making it more difficult for
a thief to take
> Never leave your bike unlocked in a public place - leaving it unattended even for a minute can
mean it is gone when you return
> Find a suitable location to leave and secure your bike – dark alleys, drain-pipes and posts are
all best avoided
> Get your bike security marked by your local Safer Neighbourhood Team – making it readily
identifiable should it be recovered
> You could register your bike using a third party service to further protect it such as Bike
Register or Immobilise.
Shopping Safely
> Never leave your bags or shopping unattended especially if you have stopped for a coffee and
avoid hanging your bag on the back of your chair. In a busy environment it is easy to get
distracted and even easier for a thief to steal your bags.
> Keep wallets, purses, mobile phones and tablets out of sight and bags secure, especially in
crowded places.
> Keep your pin numbers separate from your bank cards.
> ALWAYS COVER YOUR PIN especially at checkouts. You don’t know who is looking over
your shoulder.
> Before inserting your card have a look at the machine to check it looks normal.
> Be vigilant when drawing money from ATMs.
> Try to pay for items on a card rather than carrying large amounts of cash or keep the amount
you carry to a minimum.
Wards of Kessingland, Pakefield, Carlton Colville, Carlton, Whitton, Kirkley, Harbour, Oulton,
Oulton Broad, St Margarets, Normanston, Gunton, Corton and Lothingland