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Rev 08/2014
Table Wine cannot contain any distilled spirits and must not exceed 24% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).
Malt products cannot contain any wine and/or distilled spirits and must not exceed 13.9% ABV.
This form must be completed by either the Manufacturer or Importer and have all required attachments.
Request submitted by: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Representative of: _______________________________________________________________________________________
(Manufacturer or Importer)
Contact Number:________________________________ E-mail Address:_________________________________________
Manufacturer: ________________________________________________________________________
Brand Name & Variety Type ABV Added
___________________________________________ _________________ _________ No
Container Size(s)
________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
List ALL in-state Wholesale Distributors that will carry this product and attach completed Territorial Agreements:
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Each Label Submission must be in a single Adobe PDF which includes the following required attachments:
1. An assignment letter (importers) or a formal request for approval on letterhead (manufacturers)
2. COLA form (TTB F5100.31) for the listed product or Certificate of Label Exemption
3. A scanned color copy of the label listed
4. Signed, completed Territorial Agreement(s) for each listed Wholesale Distributor(s)
Return to: Enforcement.license@abc.alabama.gov
IMPORTANT NOTE: The item may not be sold within or shipped into the State of Alabama for distribution until you
have received a stampted approval from this department.
Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
Licensing and Compliance Division
Brand/Label Registration Request
Table Wine and Malt Products Only
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