Letter of Reference to support
Application for Graduate Admission
To Applicant: complete shaded area before sending this form to your referee.
To the Referee: We are particularly interested in the applicant's ability to carry on advanced study and research, teaching ability, potential
for successful study in the applicant's field, and weaknesses, if any. We would appreciate knowing the basis for your statements. Please
return to the department address above.
1. General Appraisal
(use reverse side if necessary)
2. Knowledge of Applicant: In what capacity and for how long have you known the applicant? (eg, as teacher, supervisor, employer.)
I was the applicant's ___
for ________ years and/or _ months between the years and .
In my opinion, of the
(number) students in this category I have supervised/dealt with in the last five years, I would rank this student in the upper
3. Ability in the English Language: Please comment on the applicant's ability to comprehend spoken English, to teach in English, and to pursue a
research problem and write a scholarly report or thesis in English.
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4. Specific Abilities: For each category, check the most appropriate box.
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Academic Achievement
Scholarly Promise
Research Ability
Teaching Potential/Promise
Verbal Skills
Writing Skills
Overall Rating
5. Referee
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